How To Study And Work In Canada

This guide is on how to study and work in canada, of all the goodies you will enjoy while studying in canada, yo may still want to know how to study and work in canada in order to support yourself.

In Canada, students are paid per hour for working and as an international student, you can get the permission to work for a maximum of ten hours per week after you must have spent over six months in the country.

How To Study And Work In Canada

By working while studying in Canada, you get a great job experience especially if you have plans of applying for PR (permanent residence) ultimately.

On the Canadian student visa you have the permission of working for 20 hours/week of a paid job. However this is the maximum number of hours, and you are free to work for lesser number of hours. Usually those students enrolled for difficult or intensive courses are recommended by the universities to work for a maximum of 12 hours a week. This is because working for more than this number can affect a student’s performance in studies. So you can reduce the number of the working hours if you feel you are unable to maintain a work-study-life balance.

Study And Work In Canada
Usually for part-time jobs students are paid by hours. The rate of pay is around $10 an hour, on average. If your aim is only to gain work experience, like helping your professor with research work, then you don’t need a work permit. This kind of work has to be on-campus and will be payless; you can work beyond the stipulated number of hours. So with just the student visa you can still engage in academic work on-campus.

Having known how to study and work in Canada, it would be best to plan yourself properly before ever thinking of travelling to Canada to continue your studies.

If an international student wishes to work off-campus, he can do apply for an off-campus work permit after completing six months of study. That permit will allow the student to work for maximum of 20 hours/week off-campus.

Do you have anymore questions on how to study and work in Canada ? you can drop them in the comment box, I will attend to them right away.


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