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Dou you want to have your article published on our blog? Here is a few guidelines to follow.

UPDATE: We are currently on end-of-the-year promo and every of our ad posting and promotion services worth over $100 are going at a flatrate of $10 for 10 lucky persons/businesses.

We accept articles only on topics that maybe of interest to our readers which is more about Education, Jobs, Traveling/studying abroad and student related services.

We charge a fee of $10 for a single post with not more than two external dofollow links. If the link however have to be more than two, we charge extra $5 for each extra link.

For Banner and test ads, we have provisions for all the ad sizes at varying costs.

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Sponsored Posts and adverts
Talk to our team. We offer banner ads of all sizes at different rates and also accept sponsored posts. NOTE: Post must be related to education and or studying abroad. Our offers start as low as $10.
If you represent an institution, tell us the name and location.

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