CC Bank Young Scholars Scholarship 2019

The Central Cooperative Bank (CCB) was registered on 28 March 1991 with a resolution of the Sofia City Court. The mission of the program is to help everyone who needs this financial aid.

The Bentral Cooperative Bank has established itself as one of the most reputable financial institution in the world at large. And they’ve figured out ways to give back to the society, in so many ways including the provision of CC Bank Young Scholarship Award.

The CC Bank Young Scholarship has sent students who had lost the hope of graduating from the college back to college.

As a need based scholarship, it focuses on students who are really in need of financial help, and who are in good academic standing.

Considering the number of applicants and their average CGPAs most times CGPAs are not really a  criteria for the scholarship award, but a higher CGPA is a bonus. But this would depend on the  average CGPA of the applicants.

Students have testified or how they were able to pay off their tuition fees through this scholarship.

$2000 would be given to 5 students and annually to help pay off their college tuition fees. The providers of this scholarship expects their applicants to be already enrolled in a school before applying as it is one of the criteria of being eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship is expected to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 in a 4.0 scale, and to maintain a 4.0 CGPA in a 5.0 scale.

This scholarship opportunity does not permit students to apply while at home or still waiting for admission or yet to be enrolled in any accredited tertiary institution.

The “Central Cooperative Bank (CCB)” is a classified bank and we should also expect a classified scholarship from them.

The applicants should have it at the back if their minds that this scholarship is open to students who are attending universities, colleges, and other academic institutions across the U.S.  as already emphasised, but is being reemphasized due to its importance.

The CC Bank knows that some students won’t be able to go to the college if they don’t have financial help.

Purpose of the program is to help the younger generation to fulfill their potentials and rewards students who may not be able to attend college without financial assistance.


Each year they award up to five $2,000 stipends to winners.


 Level/Field of Study

An average scholarship applicant would first of all go to the level and field of study eligibility section to know if he or she is up to apply for the scholarship.

And applicants does that with fear; the fear of being ineligible, but there’s no need for that as long as the CC Bank Young Scholarship Award is concerned.

Your field or study cannot help you in gaining this scholarship as well as it won’t deny you the scholarship. Any field of studying can get this scholarship be it in the dimension of arts or science as long as the applicant meets other criteria.

As already explained in the scholarship description, the applicants must be already enrolled in an institution of learning before thinking of applying for the scholarship.

Any applicant who is not already enrolled in any learning institution would not be giving the scholarship.

Host Nationality

The CC Bank started off in Bulgaria, but have gone ahead to establish other branches in so many countries of the world including The United States of America.

Considering that the scholarship is reserved only American citizens, the scholarship is propagated by the branch of CC Bank resident in the united states of america.

Applicants are given a total $10000 every year, where five applications would be selected as winners of the scholarship.

Each year CC Bank’s Young Scholars Scholarship offers up to five $2,000 scholarships to students attending universities, colleges and other academic institutions across the U.S.

Eligibility: Applicants must be under the age of 30 Applicants must be U.S residents Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the time of the scholarship award, the applicant must be enrolled in an academic institute.

The program accepts senior year, sophomore year, junior year and freshmen year, this has no effect on the scholarship.

To be applying, candidate can download the application form through the given link:

Print the file and fill out the form as detailed as you can.

Submitting Details:

The complete application must be emailed with your contact information at

Application deadline is 31st December.

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