Classic Slot Machines: Are they different Online?

When the word classic comes to mind it is often associated with something old-fashioned, or perhaps just old. It so happens that we still have a lot of classic online slots at sites such as Wizard Slots, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re “bad” or low-paying just because they are old.

Many people still choose to play classic-style slot machines and as a result, we have a decent selection of them online. But how could they differ from the classic land-based slot machines? We outline these differences below. 

Computerized classics 

The classic or old-fashioned slots that can be found online today offer a completely random game. This is thanks to a computer program called the RNG (random-number-generator), which writes series of random, long numbers.

These numbers are coded to determine the outcomes of your spins. Every symbol that you see landing on the screen has been put there by the RNG. The range of numbers that the RNG can produce is extremely wide, as you can imagine. Therefore, the range of different outcomes in today’s slots can also be very wide. Let’s compare that to classic slot machines. 

How did the “real deal” work? 

A physical slot machine back in the day was not computerized and did not use RNG. Instead, it had physical parts inside that “randomized” your spins. You could think of it as a “road” that starts with the lever pull and ends with the reels stopping in their final positions.

Your starting point is pulling the lever (or the “hand”) of the machine. Each pull initiates a domino effect within the complex parts inside of the machine. Each part will travel at a different speed and travel a different distance on every spin.

This depends on the way you pull the lever and the position that the mechanical parts were in since the previous spin. Since the reels are starting at a different position each time, and the distance that they spin is different each time, the results are effectively random.

A spice that up with random vibrations inside of the machine and you have a somewhat random game. 

How are online slots different from the classic machines? 

The problem with the classic machines was that the number of different random outcomes was limited to the physical intricacies of the machine. This meant a perfect opportunity for the talented people that managed to “crack” the machines, learn their outcomes, and how to get to where they wanted. Modern online slots do not have this problem because they use the RNG.

The massive difference in the number of random outcomes between the two tells us: classic slots online are massively different from the classic slot machines. But that doesn’t mean that online classic slots cannot be enjoyed.

Some of the best developers in the business like Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have plenty of classics to choose from and guarantee their quality. Slots classics online have been created to replicate the original machines, so you won’t go wrong if the classics are what you’re looking for!

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