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Are you looking to attend Harvard Business School Online? This article provides up-to-date information on Harvard Business School online including fees, how to apply for admission, and scholarships that you can apply for to help finance your online business studies yn Harvard.

Harvard is one of the Prifysgolion Ivy League, consistently ranked as the No.1 best university in the world. Harvard does not just have a reputation as a place of learning but also as a place of research and the birthplace of many tech and non-tech innovations. It is also renowned for its achievement in a variety of disciplines and for producing some of the top government officials (both dead and alive), celebrities, artists, and many others.

Harvard is difficult to get into with an acceptance rate of 3% if you don’t understand this clearly what it means is that out of every 100 applicants for Harvard University, only 3 will be accepted. It is also one of the most expensive universities in the world with tuition fees of around $55,000 per year for undergraduates.

Even though Harvard is expensive but because of its huge endowment which makes it the wealthiest academic institution in the world, Harvard can offer financial aid with no loans to undergraduate students. And for the best part, there are more than 50 o gyrsiau ar-lein am ddim a gynigir gan Brifysgol Harvard that anyone can enroll in whether you are a student of Harvard or not.

The university is composed of ten academic faculties including Harvard Business School, the graduate business school of Harvard University, consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world. The School offers a wide range of business programs including a full-time MBA program, management-related doctoral programs, and executive education programs. Some of the programs are also offered online to enable business professionals from different parts of the world to earn a Harvard Business School degree online from their location.

If you wish to get a business degree from Harvard University, irrespective of your location, you can enroll in the Harvard Business School online to earn a Havard business degree from the comfort of your home and that is why this article is here to guide you.

This blog provides relevant information on Harvard Business School Online with details on tuition fees, the admission process, and available scholarships that you can apply for to help cut down on the cost. Without any further ado, let’s proceed.

Ysgol Fusnes Harvard Ar-lein

About Harvard Business School Online

Sefydlwyd Ysgol Fusnes Harvard ar-lein yn 2015 gan Ysgol Fusnes Harvard i ymestyn cyrhaeddiad yr ysgol i bobl ble bynnag y maent yn y byd ac i gynnig ffordd unigryw a gafaelgar i ddysgu cysyniadau busnes hanfodol. Hyd yn hyn mae wedi gwneud cynnydd mawr gan fod bron i 40,000 o fyfyrwyr o bob cwr o'r byd wedi cwblhau cwrs busnes ar-lein trwy'r arloesedd hwn.

According to the people who participated and completed an online business course through this medium, they say it has helped them achieve greater career success and life satisfaction and a recent survey conducted by Harvard proved this to be true. No doubt you too will achieve the same thing or even more if you take and complete one or more of these online business courses.

Is the Harvard Business School highly competitive to enter? Yes
Is the Harvard Business School expensive? Yes, it is

None of the above applies to the Harvard Business School online. It utilizes the internet to share knowledge thus, there is no way it can be competitive or expensive to study a business program of your choice. All it requires is a stable internet connection, a laptop or computer, and maybe a notepad and if you like you could add a box of pizza or a cup of coffee to the list.

Harvard Business School online program provides you with lots of advantages and benefits which are as follows;

  1. Mae'n rhaglen ar-lein felly mae'n gyfleus, gallwch fynd â hi yn eich cartref neu unrhyw le arall sy'n gyffyrddus i chi.
  2. Nid oes cystadleuaeth ychwaith a yw'n ddrud astudio
  3. Mae'r rhaglenni busnes ar-lein wedi'u dewis â llaw i gyd-fynd â modelau busnes modern, felly mae cwblhau unrhyw un o gyrsiau ar-lein busnes Harvard yn eich gwneud chi'n ased gwerthfawr i'r gweithlu.
  4. Mae'r cyrsiau a ddarperir i fod i bawb, p'un a oes gennych brofiad busnes ai peidio, mae yno i roi'r profiad sydd ei angen arnoch i ragori yn eich gyrfa.
  5. The Harvard Business online program will help strengthen your existing business skills which could earn you a promotion in your workplace, provide you with a new set of skills to start a new career path, or equip you with skills that will bolster your resume/CV thus putting you ahead of the competition.
  6. Lastly, whether Harvard Business School online or the regular Harvard Business School you are already recognized, through certification, as a Harvard graduate once you complete any of the business courses online. This recognition can do a lot for you when seeking employment.

It’s high time we dived into the next section – Fees, where you find out how much it costs to get a certificate from Harvard Business School online.

Ffioedd Ar-lein Ysgol Fusnes Harvard

The fees of the Harvard Business School online actually vary according to the programs, I will list each program with details and their fees.

1. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Credential Parodrwydd (CORe)

The Harvard Business School online CORe program consists of three courses – Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting. This program will prepare you to contribute to business discussions and decision-making which you can apply across a variety of industries.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 2,500
Hyd; 10-17 wythnos, 8-15 awr yr wythnos

2. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Buddsoddiadau Amgen

This online program will offer you the skills, strategies, and confidence to assess potential investment opportunities in private equity, real estate, and hedge funds and enable you to leverage them to maximize value and diversify portfolios.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 5 wythnos, 6-7 awr yr wythnos

3. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Dadansoddeg Busnes

Business Analytics Harvard Business School online program will equip you with critical thinking skills to help you break down data and apply it in making decisions daily. You will be able to develop and test hypotheses and correctly interpret data to inform business decisions.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 8 wythnos, 5 awr yr wythnos

4. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Strategaeth aflonyddgar

In this online program, you will acquire effective techniques for executive-level strategy development, you will be equipped with skills on how to make innovation a reality, organize for innovation, and be capable of assessing new opportunities and potential threats.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 6 wythnos, 5 awr yr wythnos

5. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Economeg i Reolwyr

Through this online business program, you will gain exceptional knowledge and skills to develop successful business strategies such as prices, and market demand and differentiate their offerings as it will enable you to drive critical business decisions.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 8 wythnos, 6-8 awr yr wythnos

6. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Hanfodion Entrepreneuriaeth

Explore the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship through this online business program, learn how to turn an idea into a viable venture, and go on to gain the skills and knowledge that will make you become a successful entrepreneur.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 4 wythnos, 6-8 awr yr wythnos

7. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Cyfrifeg Ariannol

Dewch yn fedrus ac yn wybodus yn y cysyniadau a'r egwyddorion cyfrifyddu sy'n goleuo datganiadau ariannol ac yn hogi'ch sgiliau meddwl yn feirniadol ym mherfformiad a photensial busnes.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 8 wythnos, 6-8 awr yr wythnos

8. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Busnes Byd-eang

Archwiliwch y ffactorau sy'n effeithio ar y farchnad fyd-eang a'ch busnes, ennill y wybodaeth sydd ei hangen i'ch busnes oroesi yn economi fyd-eang gydgysylltiedig heddiw a dysgu sut i asesu'r cyfleoedd, rheoli risgiau, a chreu a chipio gwerth i'ch busnes / sefydliad.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 4 wythnos, 6-8 awr yr wythnos

9. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Egwyddorion Arweinyddiaeth

The leadership of an organization greatly affects its success, in this online business program, you will be equipped with effective and efficient leadership skills to advance your career, team, and organization.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 6 wythnos, 7-9 awr yr wythnos

10. Arwain gyda'r Rhaglen Tystysgrif Cyllid

Equip yourself with an intuitive knowledge of financial principles through this online program and gain knowledge on the market in which your organization or business operates, create and assess value, and develop effective communication skills that will help you in communicating decisions to financial stakeholders.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 6 wythnos, 6-7 awr yr wythnos

11. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Hanfodion Rheoli

Change is constant but an effective positive change is what matters, gain skills and learn strategies on how to manage, take charge, and change your organization for the better through better decision making thus unlocking critical thinking potentials.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 8 wythnos, 4-7 awr yr wythnos

12. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Meistrolaeth Negodi

This online business program equips you with negotiation skills and techniques, you will be able to close financial deals, effectively resolve conflicts before they escalate, and become a valuable asset to yourself and your organization.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 1,750
Hyd; 8 wythnos, 4-5 awr yr wythnos

13. Rhaglen Tystysgrif y Strategaeth Busnes Cynaliadwy

By illustrating how businesses can thrive and grow while solving some of the world’s biggest issues, this online business program comes in handy in teaching you how to understand and analyze various business models that can bring about change and how you can become a purpose-driven leader.

Ffi Rhaglen; $ 950
Hyd; 3 wythnos, 7-9 awr yr wythnos

Here are the Harvard Business School online programs and their associated fees, so go on ahead, pick and study the one you need or lacking at the moment, complete the program, and earn your certificate.

Mynediad Ar-lein Ysgol Fusnes Harvard

Unlike the regular Harvard Business School where students are to apply especially with some required documents that go with the admission application process, the Harvard Business School online does not require any of that.

Y cyfan sy'n rhaid i chi ei wneud yw clicio ar y cyswllt cais create an account on the platform by filling up the blank spaces on the next page and select a program of your choice and that’s all, you become a part of the Harvard Business School online.

Mae'r platfform yn hawdd ei ddefnyddio, felly gall unigolion sydd â diddordeb hyd yn oed â sgiliau darllen ac ysgrifennu sylfaenol ddod o hyd i'w ffordd o gwmpas yn hawdd.

Ysgoloriaeth Ar-lein Ysgol Fusnes Harvard

There are a series of scholarship options available to Harvard Business School Online participants and they vary by program.

Participants who are currently enrolled in a US undergraduate or graduate degree program may qualify for institutional need-based scholarships for the following Harvard Business School online programs;

  1. Economics for a Managers Certificate program
  2. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Dadansoddeg Busnes
  3. Rhaglen Tystysgrif Cyfrifeg Ariannol
  4. Rhaglenni Tystysgrif CORe (ar gyfer cyfranogwyr sy'n dilyn y tri chwrs ochr yn ochr)

Mae aelodau gwasanaeth gweithredol a chyn-filwyr milwrol yr Unol Daleithiau hefyd yn gymwys i gael ysgoloriaeth ar gyfer y rhaglenni Ar-lein Ysgol Fusnes Harvard (HBS) sydd ar gael;

Rhaglen Tystysgrif CORe (ar gyfer cyfranogwyr sy'n dilyn y tri chwrs ochr yn ochr)

Math o YsgoloriaethFfi Rhaglenysgoloriaeth SwmCost Allan o Boced
Derbynwyr Grant Pell Cyfredol$2,250$1,800$450
Personél Milwrol yr Unol Daleithiau (Gweithredol a Chyn-filwyr)$2,250$1,350$900
Myfyrwyr Graddedig Cyfredol mewn Sefydliadau yn yr UD$2,250$675$1,575

Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, and Economics for Managers Certificate Programs

Math o YsgoloriaethFfi Rhaglenysgoloriaeth SwmCost Allan o Boced
Derbynwyr Grant Pell Cyfredol$1,600$1,250$350
Personél Milwrol yr Unol Daleithiau (Gweithredol a Chyn-filwyr)$1,600$950$650
Myfyrwyr Graddedig Cyfredol mewn Sefydliadau yn yr UD$1,600$500$1,100


Mae hwn yn cloi'r erthygl ar Harvard Business School Online | Ffioedd, Derbyn ac Ysgoloriaeth, mae'r holl fanylion a ddarperir yn gyfredol ac yn gyflawn hefyd.

Harvard Business School Online delivers rigorous and immersive courses that enable professionals at every level to advance their careers, positively impact their organizations, and appreciate business in powerful new ways

Harvard Business School reimagined online business education and by reading this article you have taken the first step in re-imagining your career and setting yourself apart from the crowd.


Sylwadau ar gau.