Hawaiian Theme Party: 15 Ideas You Can’t Ignore

Are you planning a summer party? Transport your guests to the tropical paradise of Hawaii right in your home with a Hawaiian theme party. So stock up on leis, hula hoops, and pineapples, and start planning your tropical extravaganza. 


Get your guests in the party mood with colorful island-themed invitation cards. A background design of a beach with a surfboard, coconut palms, tropical flowers, a colorful cocktail, or just happy yellow colors on the card can serve as tempting hints about an upcoming fun fiesta. 


The most impactful way to set a theme for your party is with the décor. Yellow and light green honeycomb or sunburst paper lanterns are reminiscent of the tropics. Bunting and balloons with a similar color palette or tikis, tropical fruits, and flowers printed on them can create the same effect. Construct a backdrop for the bar with faux foliage and tropical flowers. A grass skirting for the bar table can complete the effect. 


Light an after-dark party with tiki torches, and you’ve got yourself the quintessential Hawaiian luau atmosphere. 

Party Favors 

Hand out plastic or fresh leis to be worn as garlands or head wreaths. Grass skirts that can be easily slipped on over their clothes are another great costume idea. Sunglasses with colorful frames in the shape of the sun or a tropical fruit are also fun items for the guests to wear. All these items can double as party favors for the guests to take home. 


In between mingling, your guests can amuse themselves with a few fun activities on their own. Hula hoops for the guests to twirl, a beach ball for them to toss around, and themed bubble art for the kids to create with bubbles on a printed beach scene are examples of fun activities with a tropical theme. 


Island-themed cocktails, mocktails, and shakes can quench your guests’ thirst at a summer party. The classic pina colada made with rum, pineapple, and coconut or guava libre with guava juice, lime, and rum, are two examples of island cocktails. You can whip up a refreshing pineapple lemonade with coconut and sparkling water or a rich banana milkshake for the teetotalers. 

Cocktail toppers 

Garnish drinks with a paper umbrella, a slice of pineapple, or a piece of coconut. Serve the drinks in cleaned and sanded coconut half-shells with a flower attached. 

Tropical cupcakes 

Order custom cupcakes in the shape of a beach scene, pineapples, coconut palms, or bougainvillea. Or add simple pineapple leaf toppers on regular cupcakes to lend a tropical effect. 

Finger foods 

Sandwiches in the shape of flip flops or a cheese platter with the crackers arranged to look like pineapple are some creative ways to serve your finger food. 


A summer party requires popsicles, and custom-made ones in the shape of pineapples can be fun, delicious, and refreshing. 


For the main course, roast some pork or an entire pig in true luau style. Serve pineapple and fish tacos, ham, and chicken kebabs, or a tropical fruit mélange of mango, pineapple, guava, papaya, topped with coconut shavings. 


Use paper plates, cups, and napkins with pineapples, tropical flowers, foliage, beach scenes, or coconut palms printed on them. 


Add tropical scented candles like coconut or pineapple. Candles made in half coconut shells will further add to the theme. 


Live ukulele music will add to the entertainment. Recorded Hawaiian music is a simpler alternative. 


Island-themed games like limbo, pass the coconut, which is similar to “hot potato,” and bingo with a tropical theme are some games that you can organize. 

With these tropical party ideas, you can create a Hawaiian theme party that is as simple or extravagant as you choose.

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