Online Slot Jackpots & their Types Explained

It can be easy, if you are not well-acquainted with the nuances of online video slots, to get confused between the various different kinds of slot jackpot types. For those who are just starting to try out the waters of online slots, you might find that you are playing a Red Tiger software that has a jackpot type that does not suit your playing style.

Some are for the big risk-takers who want nothing more than to win heaps of cash, others are for the igamers who like to try funky games with groovy aesthetics, whereas there are some, more standard, jackpots that are simple and not over the top.

We are here to guide you through the various kinds of online slot jackpot types and explain what each one is so that you can mosey on over to the kind of slot jackpot that you believe suits your online gaming personality!

What are the Main Types of Online Slot Jackpot?

The universe of online jackpots is never-ending and always expanding to such an extent that there are so many different kinds of slot jackpots that it would be impossible for us to list them all off in this article.

Instead, we are going to take you through the main online slot jackpot types and explain them so that you can know a little about each and discover what is good for you:

  •         Progressive Jackpots – These are some of the most famous jackpots the online, and offline, world of slots has to offer. They are made up of every losing player’s input, meaning that whoever wins this fantastic jackpot is scoring that of those who failed before them. The odds are difficult… but the prize might just be worth it!
  •         Classic Slots – Otherwise known as ‘fixed slots’, the classic slot is one in which the jackpot is decided by the house. These tend to be a large number, but not as large as a progressive jackpot. If you want a standard game that is easy to understand, this one might just be the one for you.
  •         Bonus Round Slots – These games will have their own jackpot, however, their main concern is getting you to play their unique and bespoke bonus round with the aim of winning more cash! These are often found in themed games whereby the bonus round will progress the story or give you a little extra exposure.

What Type of Slot Jackpot is the One for you?

Maybe you have found yourself drawn to one of these types of jackpots already. You know you more than anybody else and we cannot decide what jackpot you want to play, however, we do have a little bit of a formula that you might want to follow:

Progressive Jackpots Do you want to risk it all in the hope of making millions?
Classic Jackpots For the player who wants to take it easy for the night.
Bonus Round Jackpots Designed to prove fun for the adventurous igamer with a passion for a story!


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