Scholarship for all international students summer abroad in China

ONPS|Summer In China
Insights into Chinese business and culture

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ONPS|Summer In China was launched in 2017 as a tailored program for foreign students to gain knowledge of China and the ever growing business industry. The project is aided by the extensive ONPS network and database which in result gains access to the top professors within various expert fields. The program was originally designed to allow foreign students to gain access to the local market of China and to give an insight to how the Chinese population think. The hope for this program is to open the students mind and create a more broad way of thinking about business and life in general. This program will inspire the student to understand the true culture of China.

 Credit courses are able to transfer back to home university
 Field trip explore Chinese culture
 Career development field trip in Chinese business

 Summer in Beijing 5-Week
Campus: Minzu university of China
Program Time : 2019/07/15 — 2019/08/16

 Summer in Taipei 3-Week
Campus: Soochow university of Taiwan
Program Time : 2019/07/01 — 2019/07/19

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