University of Edinburgh Law School Entry Requirements

This is the complete university of edinburgh law school entry requirements for all aspiring students hoping to school at the University.

Edinburgh Law School is situated in historic Old College in the heart of Edinburgh, minutes from both the Law Courts and Scotland’s Parliament. Renowned for it’s international and interdisciplinary outlook, it has been at the heart of legal education and research for more than 300 years.

Edinburgh law school is one of the most sort-after universities in the world, it ranked among the 30 best universities in the world as at 2017. Most international students who crave to study abroad in England seek to be admitted in this prestigious university.

  • Edinburgh Law School is ranked 24th in the world for law (QS World University Rankings by subject 2017)
  • They offer a range of on-campus and online study options.
  • Choose from over 15 general, specialist or research masters degrees.
  • Edinburgh was named the 7th best student city in Europe, and second in the UK, in the QS Best Student Cities 2017

If you would want to study at Edinburgh law school you have to first find out what the school entry requirements are like. Searching to know about university of edinburgh law school entry requirements may take you a lot of time but we’ve brought the major gist down here to you.

University of Edinburgh Law School Entry Requirements

According to a comment from a user at TheStudentRoom about grades required by edinburgh University in respect to a question from another user:

I am thinking of applying to Edinburgh to do Economics (L100)

But I cannot make sense of their entry requirements as they have a ‘typical offer’ of AAA but a minimum requirement of BBB including Maths.

I am hoping to get AAB (A in maths, business studies and B in geography). Does that mean I could get accepted with AAB – I just don’t understand, can somebody explain please?


, “What that means is that a typical offer i.e. most will be at AAA, however some could be lower than that down to a minimum of BBB. Edinburgh favours those from disadvantaged backgrounds- who went to schools with low numbers of pupils going onto good universities & whose parents didn’t study in higher education & particularly those from Northern England (above Yorkshire) and Southern Scotland. If you don’t meet those criteria its most likely that if you were given an offer it would be AAA”

With respect to this, university of edinburgh law school entry requirements demands that you have an AAA grade, mathematics neccessarilly inclusive.

Trying to find out exactly from the university itself what is required exactly to get admitted into Edinburgh university, we stumbled on the note below.

Entry Requirements
Edinburgh Law School, We generally ask for a minimum 2.1 UK honours degree, or international equivalent in law or social sciences. Law, or a heavy component of undergraduate law, is preferred for many of our programmes but there are some programmes that accept students from a wider range of study backgrounds. Please check the entry requirements for the programme you’re interested in”

If you would want to learn more about university of edinburgh law entry requirements, you can visit the school website here to learn more.

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