What types of wilds are there in online slots?

There are many different types of wilds that players will encounter when it comes to slot gaming on pay by mobile casino sites. Although to understand these types of wilds, players must first know what exactly a wild is and what functions it fulfils.

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What is a wild 

There are many symbols that players will come across on the reels, however one of the most popular is the wild. This is a unique find on the reels as it fulfills a specific job, a wild will essentially replace all symbols on the reel except scatters and form a winning line. This means that getting a wild symbol can improve a player’s chances of winning dramatically.

Depending on the slot game you are using, a wild will either have no extra value or be the highest paying symbol in the entire game. The only downside of wilds for players is the fact that they cannot control when a wild appears on the reels, it is simply down to luck. In some games they will appear at complete random while in others they will appear only on certain reels. 

Types of wilds? 

As one of the most important symbols in slot gaming, it is the prerogative of many players to try and trigger these symbols. However, with so many different types of wilds, players may not find that easy. The following is a small guide that will advise you on the various types of wilds you may encounter during a game. 

  •     Sticky wilds – This variation is unique in the fact that they stay on the reels after the player has spun, this means that they will remain in play. The length will vary depending on the slot, some games it is only one round whilst others have a set time limit.
  •     Stacked wilds – This variation will appear on part of the reel and take up a large part of it. The symbols will appear on top of each other and cover a large area, however they will quickly disappear after one round.

Best games with wilds 

With so many different variations, wilds have proven to be very popular with players. Although they may not be unique symbols in a slot game, they have shown time and again just how useful they can be to players who are lucky enough to trigger them. The following are the best slot games that feature wilds. 

  1. Fortunes of the Amazons – This beautiful slot game is one that cannot be missed. Not only does it have multipliers and cash prizes but it also has a respins feature that has four wilds.
  2. Hellboy – Developed by Microgaming, this slot is based on the cult comic book character and it is wonderfully designed to fit into that specific pulpy aesthetic. The game also features bonuses such as free spins and a randomly trigger mode that offers players four wilds! 

Final Thoughts 

Wilds come in many variations, aside from the standard, there are things such as sticky wilds, expanding wilds and even stacked wilds for players to enjoy.


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