Which Online Slots should I stay away from?

There are some online slots which players should just stay away from, either due to their quality or safety concerns. There are also different ways to pay with your phone when you play on a trusted site.

Which Slot types should I stay away from? 

Despite their massive popularity, there are unfortunately some slot types which players should stay away from. 

  •       Slots in a Strange Location 

If you ever find an online slot in a strange location, such as on a website which doesn’t usually offer online casino games, then it is best to stay away from it. This is because the chances are that this type slot is being used by scammers who want to steal people’s bank details 

  •       Alternating Payout 

Slots which offer a payout which can alternate should be avoided. For example, if a slot is promising a payout up to 97%, there is no reason for a player to trust it. Players won’t know the real payout and are instead trusting the machine to deliver. Always use a slot which offers a specific payout percentage. 

  •       Over the Top Slots 

Over the top and extravagant slots that focus much more on style over substance are a type of slot which players should avoid. While a big part of slot gaming is the unique themes and designs of the games, ultimately it is the gameplay and win potential that makes them enjoyable for players. Often, these types of slots will have an unfavourable edge as well due to the fact that they cost more to develop. 

Other easy mistakes that can be made

There are a host of other mistakes which players can easily make, for example, a player can forget to check the terms and conditions of a site they are signing up for. This means that they may miss important details that affect a welcome bonus they may receive. 

How to know an Online Casino is Legitimate 

Slots aren’t the only things which players may have to avoid. There has been an increase in legitimate online casinos in the past few years. Luckily, there are a few ways a player can tell whether an online casino is legit or not. Here is a list of legitimate online casinos.

Look for the Gambling Commision logo

The biggest sign is whether the logo of the gambling commission is prominently displayed on their website. Illegitimate casinos cannot display this for legal reasons, make sure to look on the homepage of an online casino site in order to find it.

Check forums for Feedback and Reviews

Another great way to check is by asking your fellow players! Look for previous reviews and forum posts to see whether others have had good experiences dealing with the casino. If you can’t find any reviews or feedback, the chances are that the casino is illegitimate.

What Payment methods are they Offering?

The payment methods a casino uses is often a dead giveaway. Many popular online casinos use a good variety of payment methods in order to keep up with players demands. If a casino only offers a player specific payment methods or an unusual payment method then it is best to leave the site before something bad happens. 

Final Thoughts 

Though the signs can be easy to spot when you know what to look for, scammers still manage to fool players every year. Keeping an eye out for the signs can help you avoid falling for them.

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