Which Sport Is Easiest to Get a Scholarship?

The structure of athletic scholarships varies by sports and divisions in the NCAA. Due to several reasons, some programs have greater capacity than their counterparts while restrictions are also placed on the distribution of scholarship pools. The NCAA guidelines mainly determine the number of awards that a sports program can give out.

Though some sports give out more scholarships, they aren’t necessarily your easiest chance of securing a scholarship. You have to consider several factors when figuring out how easy it is to get a scholarship playing a sport. These factors include the number of scholarships allocated, funding, size of the roaster, and the number of athletes interested. 

In this article, we will be looking at the easiest sports to obtain scholarships and the factors surrounding them. 

Men’s Sports 

If you’re looking to obtain a grant from men’s sports, you should opt for lacrosse, ice hockey, or baseball. Let’s take a closer look at why: 


The number of students playing lacrosse in high schools and colleges in recent years has been around 110,000 and 14,000 respectively. Hence, high school players have more than a 12% chance of taking the next step in their careers. No sport has a higher success rate. The best paying online casino offers players great profits too. Also, the first division has about 75 programs with each of them getting 12.6 grants.

So, more than 1,000 scholarships are available in a division with 3,200 players. This is a great advantage and the numbers are identical in the second division. All of these numbers point to the fact that lacrosse is the easiest men’s sport to secure a scholarship. 

Ice Hockey

Getting a scholarship from playing hockey isn’t as easy but the numbers are still very encouraging. The game has about 35,000 players in high school and another 3,500 in college. So, one in every 10 high school players makes it to college. This is much higher than other sports. 

Furthermore, teams in the first division get 18 full scholarships and this is another high number. The division has around 60 programs and 1,700 players. So, the players get access to more than 1,000 scholarships. This is another impressive ratio. 


Though baseball attracts more players than lacrosse and hockey, it still offers a good chance of scholarships. Out of over 500,000 high school players across the country, 11% make it to the college level. Each program in the first division is provided with 11.7 grants. Since there are about 300 programs and 10,000 players in the division, around 35% of the players get access to scholarships. This is a very good percentage when it is compared to other sports. 

Looking at these three sports, it is easier to see that grants are easier to get when there is a high number of scholarships compared to the programs and players. The number of high school players that move on to college is another essential factor. 

Women’s Sports 

Women looking to get grants via sports should consider playing ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. Let’s take a closer look at why: 

Ice Hockey 

There are about 10,000 high school students playing women’s ice hockey and approximately 20% of them move on to college. No other sport comes close. Also, each team in the first division gets 18 scholarships every season. Since just 900 players play in the 35 programs, an incredible 650 scholarships are up for grabs. When you also consider the fact that there is little competition for college roster spots, ice hockey becomes even more attractive. 


With about 95,000 players in high schools and more than 13,000 players in colleges, women’s lacrosse sees 13% of students move on to collegiate levels.

The first division houses 115 programs and about 3,500 players while 12 grants are made available to each program. This means that about one-third of players receive full grants. So, women’s lacrosse is another good example of an easy sport to get a scholarship. 


Women’s soccer in the US is hugely popular, so it is no surprise that it has more than 380,000 players in high school. 10% of this large number then move on to play soccer at the college level.  Also, programs in the first division are given 14 scholarships every season to distribute. This is much better than what is available in other women’s sports. 

Additionally, the first division is made up of more than 330 schools and about 9,500 players. So, around 4,600 scholarships are up for grabs, and this covers about half of the female soccer players. 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, you need to understand that there is fierce competition for scholarships in sports since everyone has an equal opportunity. So, getting one isn’t very “easy”. However, it is always a good idea to know the scholarship opportunity offered by each sport when compared to others. 

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