4 Careers Gaming Enthusiasts Should Consider

When considering a definitive career path, it is common for freshman students to come up empty. After all, the decision can be quite a daunting one — choosing what field to go into and making the long-term goals to get there.

However, sometimes certain Universities may offer pupils the chance to study something that they already love or consider a major hobby of theirs.

Now a multi-billion-dollar industry, the gaming sector is one of these areas that has a large following audience in the 21st century.

If you happen to be someone who has a devout passion for gaming, there may just be a career in it for you, whether you’re a creative mind or possess technical strong suits. In this article we take a look at a few viable options.

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Software Developer/Programmer 

Students who choose this path should be interested in technology, programming, and especially coding.

As a game programmer, you’ll be responsible for making a video or computer game function smoothly, creating the coding languages that will allow it to do so. On the other hand, developers are tasked with creating the software that allows a game to be controllable.

Problem-solving abilities, strengths in analytic thinking, and attention to detail are all useful skills that make great game programmers and developers.

Game designers bring a game to life by starting with a concept and building it into a full-fledged creation  

Game Designer 

As programmers are the technically talented, designers are the graphically talented teams behind the games you know and love. For example, designers may be responsible for creating the complex setting of a battlefield in a popular first-person shooter game, or entire worlds in intricate city-building titles.

Additionally, online casinos need designers to help bring their games to life — especially slot machine games of different themes.

Here, slots are divided into categories like the Wild West, Mythology, Animal, or Adventure slots which each require their own specific design plan, including layout, background, characters, symbols, colours, and more.

Nowadays, online casinos are coming on in leaps and bounds, with virtual platforms attempting to rise above the competition by providing their users with different offers such as free spins and expanding their communities even further.

Because of this, there is now even more demand for game designers in this area of work especially. One thing’s for certain — if you have a creative side and already love gaming, this may be the perfect job for you.

Audio Engineer

Another extremely valuable aspect of any game is the sound. Just think about it; what would a FPS title be if you couldn’t hear the footsteps of your opponent coming from around the corner? What about a jackpot dropping on a virtual slot machine without being able to enjoy the jangly music of the spinning wheels? In the same way that designers and programmers help make a game come to life, sound engineers are a game’s auditory muscle.

These individuals make use of all different types of sound equipment to record voiceovers, soundtracks, sound effects and more. Although some audio tasks like instrumentals may be simpler to create than others, many games nowadays make use of intricate background sounds to enhance gameplay.

If creating the perfect audio setting sounds like music to your ears, you may want to look further into exactly what it takes to become an audio engineer for the games business.

As the Esports industry continues to grow, more and more professional gamers are arriving on the scene 

Professional Gamer 

Although it may seem far-fetched, becoming a professional gamer is also one way to land a long-term career in the industry.

Especially, with the growing popularity of Esports and its influence in locations all around the world, different Universities now offer scholarships specifically for those interested in pursuing courses or studies in Esports.

For example, UK-based academic establishments have partnered with Pearson to offer a qualification in Esports that students can now apply to. Becoming a professional video gamer may not be attainable overnight, but with the right tools and courses, the future is bright.

Additionally, for those students who are not already living in the U.K. but are interested in studying there, a variety of full-tuition scholarships are available to check out here.

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