7 Effective Study Tips for College Students

How to make studying easy and enjoyable, avoid problems during exams, and make the most of all opportunities? If you want to get an excellent student and still have time for your favourite Netflix shows and playing PlayAmo online, these easy tips will be helpful. 

Use Social Media and Messengers

Create a Facebook group and invite other students there. This way you’ll get to know everyone faster, and you can post class schedules, scans of notes, and important announcements.

You can also create a chat room to communicate and post urgent news in one of the social networks or in a messenger preferred by most classmates.

Use Interval Repetition

To avoid having to learn everything all over again before an exam, review notes periodically throughout the year. Use the technique of interval repetition: repeat the information at increasing intervals, the moment it begins to be forgotten.

For example, repeat a topic for the first time a week after the lecture, then two weeks later, a month later, two months later. Gradually the knowledge will move into long-term memory. By the time of the exam, you will only have to refresh the material, not learn it all over again.

Get to Know Your Professors Better

Write down the names and phone numbers of all your teachers. If they are late, you can always call to see if the class will take place. It will save you from useless waiting.

It is not superfluous will be additional information. Ask senior students how particular teachers treat skipping lectures, how they behave in exams. This information will help you avoid problems with strict teachers.

Take Notes by Hand

Some students turn on a tape recorder in lectures and just sit looking into the void. Don’t do that! A student who sits passively annoys the teachers, remembers the information worse, and when he wants to repeat the lecture, has to listen to the whole lecture over and over again.

It is best to write by hand. Research has proven that students who take notes by hand absorb information better than those who type on a computer. In a notebook, you can draw diagrams and make notes, shorten sentences and add pictures. All of them help you remember information better and reduce the time you spend on repeating it.

Finish Your Projects on Time

During an exam period, nervous-emotional tension increases, and extra tails make the situation even more heated. Under such conditions, you can easily drive yourself to depression and emotional burnout.

According to research, 34-40% of students suffer from this disorder. Burnout also occurs in students of other faculties and often occurs against the backdrop of high stress during the session.

To avoid increasing stress, start preparing in advance. In this case, you can use to do apps for creating your schedule. Then you will not have to write a poor quality paper overnight and look for where to print it in the morning.

Communicate and Be Active

To expand your social circle, make connections that will be useful in the future, and show off your talents, participate in student activities.

If you like to organize things, join the student council. That way you will be the first to know about competitions, grants and trips, and you will learn how to organize events. Any such activity will add to your networking, open up new opportunities, and ensure that the dean’s office treats you well.

Think About the Future

Many people see university as an opportunity to prolong their childhood, and after graduation, they have no idea what to do.

To avoid this, in the first year decide what you want to do next: to enrol in a master’s degree program, engage in research, work in a prestigious company or start your own. The years of college fly by very quickly. Without a clear plan, you risk wasting this time.

Socialize as much as possible, go to seminars and masterclasses, earn experience in the field in which you are going to work, and never continue studying if you suddenly realized that you went to the wrong place. Appreciate your time, then you will go from a successful student to a valuable specialist.

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