Biggest Slot Wins in History

Wins are exciting whoever you are but when you win playing on a game that you have absolutely no control over, the excitement factor is enormous. Slot games do not need any sort of strategy or skill for you to be able to win them and require only 500 free spins with a little luck and some spare cash for you to be in with a chance of winning. But who has won big in a slots game and how much have they won? 

Sergeant Slots

In 2015, a young soldier from the Crewe, UK, was awake one night and was unable to sleep.  He decided to play on the Mega Moolah slots game online that he had enjoyed playing on before and it was not long before he hit the jackpot on this well-known progressive slots game. He won £13.2 million which still stands as being one of the largest wins in the World Record Books.  When asked what he wanted to do with his winnings, he said that he wanted to spend them on houses, cars and holidays, and for someone who has fought for Queen and Country, we see absolutely no issue with that! 

Las Vegas Luck

Slot machines online are considered to be the best way to up your chances and be able to win the jackpot when playing slots games, but for one lucky player in Las Vegas, this was not the case.  Having previously been a flight attendant and recently retired, they went to the Palace Station Casino and placed a wager which was, honestly, a higher wager than they intended to place when they first arrived.  But this was in their favour!  With the Megabucks slots games jackpot having hit an all-time high, the $300 bet resulted in a staggering $27.5 million jackpot slots game win. One year later, this same slots game paid out $21 million on a $10 bet to a different winner, which is an incredible total in just two wins in 12 months! 

Slots Shambles

Having flown in from New York, a lady named Katrina Bookman was playing in the Resort World Casino when something extraordinary happened to her.  She was minding her own business and playing he chosen slots game when the lights began to flash and the music began to play, alerting her and surrounding players to the fact that she had hit the biggest jackpot of them all.  The prize she had won flashed up on the screen showing an eye-watering $42.9 million which was set to be the largest win the history of any slots game and any casino in the world.  But there was a problem!  The slots game she had chosen to play had actually malfunctioned whilst she was playing it!  The maximum available jackpot prize on the slot in question was just $6,500 but the jackpot total had accidentally kept climbing. Staff at the Resort World Casino were hugely apologetic and offered Ms Bookman a free steak dinner on the house to compensate but whether Bookman took any money home with her that night remains a mystery to this day.

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