Five Reasons why a B. Com Degree is Great for Your Career

After clearing your class 12th examinations, it’s time to face the competitive world. In the race of getting to the top, everyone aims at choosing a career option that will give them promising job opportunities.

Keeping the same in mind, today, most students are selecting commerce as a career option. However, before enrolling in the program, you need to choose the best B. Com College in Dehradun. This will help you to advance your career in a better way.

B.Com degree is structured to provide the students with managerial skills in disciplines related to commerce.

By the end of this program, students gain in-depth knowledge of core subjects like accounting, law, statistics, finance, marketing and more. Knowing about the degree’s benefits can clear all your doubts and indeed help you make the right decision. Here are some reasons to choose a B. Com degree.

Greater Job Opportunities

Com is one of the subjects that offers great employment opportunities across different sectors. A majority of the countries follow a capitalistic regime, wherein commerce and trade are among the economy’s top players.

Depending on the field selected by you as a student, you can pursue a career path in either the public or private sector. In either case, the opportunities to build a lucrative career path for oneself in the long run.

Moreover, B. Com is the undergraduate course that allows graduates to pursue a good-paying career path in the respective fields.

Along with this, B. Com graduates who can enhance and use their skills and knowledge in the field will attract better career development opportunities. But for all this, choosing the best B. Com College in Dehradun is equally important.

Extensive Future Prospects

Most B. Com graduates opt to pursue a career right after graduating from the 3-year undergraduate course; however, the commonly chosen path by B. Com graduates includes pursuing higher education.

While B. Com alone can offer a lucrative career path for a student, even as far as offering managerial positions later on in their career, pursuing a higher education degree in some cases lessens the journey to pursuing a highly lucrative path.

Attractive Job Profiles

One of the key features of a doing B. Com is getting attracting lucrative job profiles and employment areas. A B. Com graduate will pursue several commerce-related profiles and roles due to the variety of skills and specialisations.

Following are the job profiles available to a B. Com graduate in India. B. Com Job Profiles are Auditor, Business Analyst, Stock Broker, Accountant, Finance Officer, Tax Accountant and more. 

Good Salary Packages

The job opportunities for a B. Com graduate are immense, so are the packages offered to B. Com graduates. A B. Com graduate’s Packages, fresh out of the institution, can range anywhere between 2-lakh to 5-lakh per annum.

Inevitably, a graduate’s salary will be determined by many factors such as the years of prior professional experience, level of academic qualification, area of specialisation and area of employment, among others. 

Career Paths for B. Com Graduates


A popular career option is pursuing an M. Com or Master of Commerce. While an M.Com degree would not add much value to you, it would open up further career paths including professorship and research through UGC NET and Junior Research Fellowship.

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy has been one of the commonly chosen career paths for B. Com graduates across India for many years.

There are various reasons why some aspirants choose to pursue a career as a C. A., including good career growth opportunities, lucrative pay scale and more.

Many aspirants choose to pursue C. A. right after B. Com, but it has also been witnessed that B. Com graduates attempt to clear the C. A. examinations and qualify their B. Com degree.


This is another common choice among B. Com graduates to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree. It continues to be the most popular options for B. Com or other UG graduates.

Like B. Com, under MBA, aspirants will select for different specialisations such as MBA in Marketing, like an MBA in Finance or an MBA in Information Technology.


These are the overviews of a few courses you can do after completing your B. Com for which you should know your inclination towards specific subjects.

If you want to make your career in accounting, you should go for CPA or ACCA. Or, if you feel finance is your good area, go for an MBA in Finance from a reputed college. Do some soul-search and have some time handy so that you have enough time to think about all your options.

One can always make a smart decision by analysing the market and deciding the future market’s needs rather than going behind the number of vacancies in different sectors.

Remember, do what you like and success will follow your footsteps and hence opting for best B. Com colleges in India will always be at your advantage.

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