How Do Online Games Help The Environment To Cleanse Itself Of Pollution?

Climate crisis is the term used to define the global warming and climate change that is happening on our planet earth. Covid-19 has suppressed climate change in the year 2020. Where covid 19 has become the most threatening pandemic, as it was affecting the lives of people more predominantly than climate change.

As the whole world went into quarantine and home lockdowns, many natural things came back to normal. There was a reduction in the carbon emissions of the planet. Coronavirus just halted the carbon emission for some time, but it won’t stay for longer, as when things will get back to normal then carbon emissions are expected to rise again. 

This coronavirus has given nature a chance to cleanse itself of pollution, as all the industrial and pollution-causing factors are not active in the lockdown, hence helping the environment.

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If we do all our part then the change can be seen, and here we are talking about online games. As everybody is concerned about climate change, so are the owners of these online games.

In this blog, we will be telling you about the different aspects of how these online games are helping the environment to cleanse itself. These online games help in making people aware of the environment.

The Theme Of “Playing For The Planet”

The gaming industry uses various high-power computers and devices that use electricity to run. As of now in a developing nation, the major source of electricity is generated from coal, which has a high impact on the environment as these sources release carbon emissions at a biG level.

But significantly, at the same time, people are becoming aware of the serious impacts of climate change, which is why they are taking major steps towards reducing the carbon emission level.

If we talk about the games, then these online games have included many features and updates as a measure of making people more inclined towards conserving the planet. They have made their game’s theme of playing for the planet.

In this, they include the storyline and theme of the games around saving the planet.

Let us take a look at the few games that are making noteworthy changes in their games in support of saving the planet.

The transformer game made by space ape includes many environmental themes. Their original storyline is based on the theme of picking renewable energy. In the journey, they harvest new energy ways to harvest the energy needs of transformers.

Pixelberry studios made their game choices, where the game centered on a young woman who has to take various environmental changes, to save her coastal town from severe climate change.

The Shift In The Industry

The gaming industry has understood the role of making people aware of conserving the planet. They are making tremendous efforts in doing and making the gamers think about the plant.

Many games are working towards the strategy of playing for the planet. Many new games have been designed with the theme of saving the planet.

They are working towards making a neutral carbon print on the planet by reducing the carbon emissions up to a minimal level and over time.

Many big tech giants are outstanding in major steps to make zero carbon emissions in the place they are operating. According to our casino expert Kristoffer Haagensen, there are certain online games that help the environment cleanse itself of pollution. You can read more about Kristoffer’s expertise.


While the world is noticing the severe effects of climate change, many of them are working towards reducing the climate crisis. As it will be very difficult for the upcoming generation to survive on this planet.

Youth being the young generation and that will take significant steps towards the environment, therefore the gaming industry is working on the steps to make the youth aware of the climate crisis. Also, they are motivating the youth to take affecting steps towards the environment.

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