Translate These Papers Before Assigning Going-Abroad Studying

Has it always been your dream to study abroad? You are finally there; you are preparing to leave for your studies abroad. You are already excited about travelling and expect everything to be a breeze. 

Well, it is not all a breeze unless you are well-prepared and equipped for life abroad. As an international student, you will need a lot of documentation to study overseas.

School record book 

These are books that record your academic performance history over the years. These records are often from primary school to high school education. Committees need these records abroad to verify your request to join universities and get scholarships.

It is crucial to translate these if the university you are applying to is based in a nation that does not share the same national and official language as yours. 

Academic Transcripts 

These are record reports for university grades. If you are going abroad to study for a master’s degree, a transcript will come in handy. Transcripts and school record books all work the same except at different levels of academia. Translating your transcripts will go a long way in smoothening your application process abroad. 

National Identification card (ID)

This card identifies you as a citizen of a particular country. When one becomes of age, they apply for a national ID. You should translate this document before travelling abroad. 

Birth certificate

Even though a birth certificate performs an almost similar function to the national identification card, it is equally crucial. It is customarily given days or just a few months after birth. A birth certificate comes in handy if you are below the age of 18 and going to study abroad. Some universities will ask for a birth certificate if you are not eligible to apply for an ID.

Official certificates

These are any other kinds of certificates that you have earned, such as degrees and diplomas. These are required if you want to further your studies abroad.

It would be essential to translate these during your application process, as they are usually a requirement by many admission boards. 

Letters of recommendations 

These are generally from faculty, professors, and managers talking about your skills, experience, and achievements. An admission board can get an idea of what your life is like and who you are. If you have any recommendations to study at a university abroad, have the recommendation(s) translated. 

Curriculum Vitae(CV) or resume

To get a comprehensive insight into both your professional and academic timeline, a resume comes in handy. This document highlights;

  • Your degrees
  • Certificates 
  • Internships
  • Work experiences

Ensure it is up-to-date and relevant before submitting it for translation to companies that translate documents and later on for submission. 


Several universities require applicants to submit a study abroad essays. This is used to affirm the seriousness of your ambitions to study abroad. The essay helps you make a good first impression. 

Family record book

This is a book that identifies your family members. It usually identifies you with a family, your parents, if you are unmarried. Married couples have their own family books. 


Students get to know exactly which documents they should have translated in preparation for their studies abroad. Ensure that you have all the other travelling documents like your visa and passport ready, even as you get these others translated into the required foreign languages. 

Good luck!

Author’s Bio 

Elizabeth Baldridge is a translator and a Spanish teacher. She has worked in translation for many corporate institutions as a liaison officer. She teaches Spanish to kids passionate about learning the language. 


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