10 Best EdTech Writing Tools for Students

As the world becomes more digital, technology is beginning to take a more prominent place in education. And it’s safe to say that this is one of the significant benefits of our time, as EdTech writing tools can provide a wide range of benefits for students, helping them improve their writing skills, be more productive, simplify the writing process, organize their notes, and generally achieve tremendous success in their studies. Find out what these tools are in this article.

# 1 Grammarly

When writing this article, the first tool that came to our minds was Grammarly. And no wonder it has repeatedly topped the lists of the best EdTech writing tools practically since its creation in 2009. So what is the reason for such a success, and what can Grammarly be useful for students? 

This online platform helps to significantly improve users’ writing by detecting and correcting grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors. It uses advanced AI and natural language processing technologies to analyze your paper and provide real-time feedback. 

As a result, you get many helpful suggestions for improving your writing style, clarity, and coherence due to adjusting the tool to your writing style. In addition, it is available as a web tool, browser extension, and mobile app, making it accessible to users of various devices. If you have yet to use this platform in your work, we recommend that you urgently fix that. 

# 2 Write My Essay

The next is Write My Essay’s AI essay writer designed to help students compose essays quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it will be especially beneficial for those learners who prefer to do their work in stages. As you know, writing any paper begins with a title, and this is where you can use the Title Generator. Next, the Paraphrasing Tool and Citation Generator will come in handy while you’re writing your academic work to avoid plagiarism. 

And once your essay is complete, it’s time to use the Conclusion Generator to create the perfect final words for your article. Finally, it is essential to proofread and edit your work before submitting it. And this is where you can enlist the help of professional writers, also available on this platform. Thus, Write My Essays is an all-in-one tool to solve all your writing issues.

# 3 ProWritingAid 

It is a comprehensive online writing tool that helps students improve their writing in various ways. One of its critical benefits is the ability to provide feedback on several aspects of writing. The platform can analyze user text for more than 20 issues, including sentence structure, readability, repetitive phrases, etc. 

The platform also offers suggestions for improving the user’s writing style, such as avoiding the passive voice or using more descriptive language. And here, we mean practical insights into readability, sentence length, and other key metrics that can help students enhance the overall quality of their papers.

But if you don’t have time to write a research paper or other academic papers independently, you should take advantage of the Trust My Paper writing service, which does not use AI and does custom writing. Here you can find over two thousand qualified writers specializing in about 85 subject areas. Therefore, if you’ve got a research of high complexity, then the best solution is to turn to this platform.

# 4 Book Creator

It is a unique and creative digital tool that allows students to write and publish multimedia e-books. It is available as an app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices and as a web-based tool for Chromebooks and other gadgets. 

The app also allows adding text, images, video, audio, and interactive elements to e-books. One of its critical benefits is that it encourages creativity and collaboration. That is why teachers can use this app for group projects and assignments. It also allows students to share their e-books with others via email, social media, or online platforms.

# 5 Scrivener

It is a comprehensive software program designed for writers of all types who create voluminous materials, including books and research papers. Therefore, this tool will also be quite effective for students.

Scrivener is especially good at helping you organize ideas and research, thanks to many tools for outlining, brainstorming, and taking notes. In addition, the program has a full-screen mode and customizable background and font color options, which helps you stay focused on your work.

# 6 Draft Back

It is a unique Chrome extension offering a new perspective on writing. Its ability to replay the writing process and provide information about the writing habits of individual users and their colleagues can be a valuable tool for improving writing and collaboration skills. 

It works by recording keystrokes and editing activities performed during the writing process and then playing them back in video format. One of Draft Back’s key benefits is its ability to help students understand their writing process and identify areas where they can improve.

# 7 Quill 

This comprehensive writing tool caters to upper elementary, middle, and high school students, which can improve their essay and report writing skills with the platform’s proofreading and grammar features. Quill’s “connect” tool helps students identify and fix run-on and fragmented sentences. Through instant feedback, they can receive writing tips in real-time, enabling them to learn essential writing skills. 

Quill also offers a lessons feature where teachers can instruct the entire class or small groups. These lessons include writing prompts, discussion topics, and follow-up writing activities to reinforce the lesson’s objectives. Finally, Quill’s diagnostics feature enables teachers to identify areas where students need improvement. 

# 8 Storybird

Storybird is an online platform that allows users to create and share visual stories. Its extensive library of works, collaborative features, and educational focus make it a valuable tool for writers, artists, teachers, and students. Users can choose images and artwork to use in their stories, creating a visual foundation for the narrative. 

The platform also offers writing prompts, allowing you to start with a basic story idea and develop it further. Another unique aspect of Storybird is the ability to collaborate. Users can invite others to collaborate on their stories, contributing to the shared creative work.

# 9 BoomWriter

It is a powerful tool for teachers and students who want to improve their writing skills. Its collaborative writing activities, interactive prompts, and publishing tools provide a structured and engaging approach to writing instruction, making it an effective tool for developing literacy.

BoomWriter also offers many interactive prompts to help students develop their writing skills. Students can use these prompts to generate ideas for stories or essays and focus on specific skills, such as writing descriptions, dialogue, or character development.

# 10 VisuWords

It is an online visual dictionary and thesaurus that uses interactive and dynamic graphical displays to help students understand the meaning and connections between words. In addition, the platform provides many tools and features for learning and understanding English.

When you search for a word, the platform creates a dynamic, interactive graph that displays word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and related words. This visual display helps users understand the connections between words and how they are used in context. VisuWords also offers customization options that allow users to tailor searches to their needs. 

Another unique aspect of VisuWords is its focus on vocabulary development. The platform offers several tools and features to help students learn new words and expand their vocabulary. These include a “word of the day” feature and a built-in quiz that tests users’ knowledge of word meanings and connections.


The use of technology in education has revolutionized how students learn and practice their writing skills. This article looked at the top 10 EdTech tools for students, each with unique features and benefits. Using any or several of them together will help you improve your writing skills, get instant feedback and guidance, and collaborate with peers and teachers to create engaging papers.

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