10 Cheapest Masters Degree in Australia With Scholarship

Hello everyone, here I have made a comprehensive list of the top 10 cheapest masters degree in australia alongside also listing the schools among them that has scholarship oppoutunities for its students.

Australia is one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations for international students so I have dedicated my time to getting valid information for international students who are fans of the Study Abroad Nations blog and have plans to study in Australia.

Prior to this article, I have written several articles as regards studying in Australia which even features my research list on universities in Australia that do not charge any fee for admisssion application.

This is to say that you don’t have to pay any application fee when applying for admission in these universities unlike their various counterparts across Australia.

For accessing universities with relatively low tuition fees fees in Australia, I also ran a research and made findings which I compiled as an article in one of my blog posts titled “Cheapest Universities in Australia“. I listed the amount these universities charge as tuition fees alongside.

During my early stage of writing on this blog, I wrote an article on how much it is cost to study in Australia and I think the article is still of value up until today so you can also take a look at that too.

Anyway, my focus today is on cheap masters degree in australia and like many of you will know, there are more international students abroad studying for masters and as years come by, the numbers keep increasing.

This is because some students who have missed the opportunity to study abroad for their undergraduate degree are sometimes persuasive to have their masters degree abroad.

So this article on universities with low tuition masters degree programs in australia will be very important to so many of this type whose interest is in Australia.

Below is a list of the top 10 universities in australia with cheap masters degree fees.

10 Cheapest Masters Degree in Australia With Scholarship

  • Victoria University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 17,000.00
  • Charles Darwin University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 18,480.00
  • University of New England
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 19,640.00
  • Central Queensland University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 21,120.00
  • International Institute of Business and Information Technology
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 21,400.00
  • Griffith University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 22,240.00
  • James Cook University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 22,500.00
  • Charles Sturt University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 22,880.00
  • Edith Cowan University
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 23,550.00
  • University of Canberra
    First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$: 23,680.00

For details about their scholarships, read below.

NOTE: some of these MS programs are two years program and the fees listed below are just a year program fees so for some of the MS programs that would be taking two years to complete, please find out from the university what you are to pay for the second year.

You can read below for available scholarships for the cheap masters degree in australia listed above that are offered by the universities or their partners/sponsors for some of the universities above.

Available Scholarships for Masters Degree in Australia

Victoria University has many scholarship opportunities open to Asian and international students. Some of these scholarships that are open to post graduate students include

  • Graduate research scholarships
  • Victoria International scholarships
  • Externally-funded scholarships

Each year victoria university releases a pdf brochure of available scholarship opportunities which can be found on their university website and downloaded by interested students.

You can check out how victoria university assess students for these scholarship opportunities and also check out the official page of availble scholarships in Victoria university.

There are also many University of New England Scholarships Which include

  • Commencing student scholarships
  • Continuing student scholarships
  • Indigenous Scholarships
  • External Scholarships (Which are listed on the university website too.) etc.

The university has created a sacred page where you can learn about all these scholarship opportunities and they have provided contact numbers that you can reach out to for any of these scholarship.

You can click here to visit the University of New England Scholarship page now.

The Central Queensland University has a variety of scholarship opportunities that they are not even listed directly on any page.

The university designed a separate scholarship search page where your to put in some information to search for scholarships that maybe available to you.

These scholarships are open for all programs so for those of you on this page who are undoubtedly going for masters degree programs, you can input details as requested on the page to see masters degree scholarships available to you.

For the rest of the cheapest masters degree universities in australia on this page, you can search and visit the websites directly and checkout the available scholarship opportunities or take advantage of our available scholarship page to see opportunities that are currently open for application.


  1. Hello please I’m an international student from Nigeria and searching for a very affordable university for medical science and another for business management all are masters program any help? Also is Humber College real I mean does it exist In Toronto Canada? My friend got admission to the school through an agent but he is not sure of the genuineness

    1. Humber College is real and is located in Canada too but you should ensure that the admission is truly from the university by contacting them through their official website at humber.ca

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