35+ Short Courses that Lead to Good Jobs

Listed here are the short courses that lead to good jobs that you may be interested in taking. These courses are fast and will give you the right skills you’ll need to get employed in the workforce or attract potential clients.

Short courses are learning programs that provide learners with combined content or specific skills training in a short period of time say 3 to 10 months. Unlike university courses that lean towards the theoretical aspect of a course, short courses lean more towards the practical side of a course and have less theory.

Short courses are straight to the point, offering you practical training and hands-on experience in your chosen field. You can apply for a short course within your field of interest to learn more about and sharpen your skill. You could also go for other courses outside your field to gain to go up the academic ladder and learn things outside your field.

You will be learning so much about your interesting career in a short while and with your skills, knowledge, and certificate proving your skills opportunities will come your way. The main purpose of short courses is to develop and promote or enhance your current set of skills.

Whether you have existing knowledge of a career path that interests you or not, it doesn’t hinder you from joining a short course. You could have earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and want more practical skills to add to your knowledge portfolio and enhance your skillset, then you should consider a short course.

Unlike masters that take 2 to 3 years to complete, short courses require as much as 10 months and you will get an enhanced skill in your career of interest. A certificate will be awarded to you after completing your short course program this certificate can be attached to your CV or uploaded on your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, for employment purposes.

Thing is, in the workforce, individuals with a bachelor’s degree and certificate from a short course related to their degree will be ahead of the competition and considered first by HRs in the case of employment. If you even want to get promoted in your company, you could enroll in a short course related to the position you wish to be promoted to.

The program will provide you with the skill set needed to efficiently run the position you aim to get promoted to. It is important that you apply for a short course program that matches your career interest, well, unless you want to change career paths then you can go for another program.

Short courses are offered online by online learning platforms, such as Udemy and Coursera, educational establishments, such as community colleges and accredited learning centers, can also offer short courses on-campus, online, or blended options to suit every learner’s learning style.

To enroll for a short course, you have to meet up the entry requirements set out by the institution. The requirements usually vary but they aren’t tough to meet, while some will require you must have finished and earned a high school diploma or GED others may require you to have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree.

Which is the best short-term course to get a good job?

The best short courses that lead to good jobs are more than one, in fact, they can get up to 10 but the best five are:

  • Business Accounting and Taxation
  • Secretarial courses
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing

There are many short courses that lead to good jobs that you can choose from, let’s go on to list and discuss as many of them as we can.

List of Short Courses that Lead to Good Jobs

Below are the short courses that lead to good jobs that you may consider going for:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Personal Trainer
  • Product Management
  • Data Science
  • Commercial Truck Driver
  • Hair Stylists
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Wind Turbine Technicians
  • Massage Therapists
  • HVAC Tech
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Automobile Service Station Manager

Digital Marketing

The invention of the IoT (Internet of Things) has revolutionized many sectors, and marketing among other things has gone digital. Many, if not all, companies use digital marketing tools to advertise their products, since everyone is now online it is much easier to get people’s attention that way.

Digital marketing is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs that you may consider gaining skills in. It is a skill of the current and future market since everything will keep being digital. You may want to add this skill to your portfolio by enrolling for a digital marketing short course and getting equipped with the skill set you need to stand firm in the industry. The knowledge you’ll gain should include SEO, content marketing, web analytics, affiliate marketing, and more.

You can also learn digital marketing online on Coursera and complete it in 8 months. It could take lesser time elsewhere.

Personal Trainer

If you’re in to work out or work in a gym or fitness center, then you may want to consider enrolling for a short course where you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills of a professional trainer. Also, most gyms require personal trainers to own a license or certificate and this short course will give you just that.

Personal Trainer is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and can be completed in less than six months. You can learn the basics on Udemy in less than four hours before advancing to the professional level.

Product Management

Product management is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs that you may consider going for, completing the course can get you promoted in your workplace. Product managers are needed in every business setting to oversee the launch and success of a company’s product and the company as a whole.

Product managers are in high demand as more companies and products are hitting the market, after all, they all want to be successful and need someone with the skill set to see it through. The program can be completed in less than 5 months.

Data Science

The adoption of data science by companies and organizations is continually on the rise. The tools and solutions from data science are used to promote innovation, increase productivity, boost sales, and maximize customer satisfaction. Its numerous benefits in catapulting a company to success are why it is in high demand.

Individuals with data science skills are sought after by top companies and organizations, especially by giant tech computers. The course can be completed in 7 months or less.

Commercial Truck Driver

Is life behind the wheels of a large vehicle one of your aspirations? You may want to consider enrolling for the commercial truck driver short course which typically takes three and six months to complete. Truck driving companies prefer to hire individuals with a certificate and this course provides just that for you.

Hair Stylists

This is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and you may consider adding it to your skill portfolio. You will learn and gain skills on how to efficiently shampoo, cut, straighten, color, and treat the client’s hair. The training is usually between 7 to 10 months and earns your certification which you can attach to your CV or upload on your LinkedIn business page to attract potential clients.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Certified Nursing Assistants is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and it is in high demand, so, you might consider searching for a school and enrolling to get equipped with the proper skill set. The job is mainly assisting professional medical nurses in hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities.

It can be completed in four to six weeks with 75 hours of on-site training.

Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind turbines are mechanisms that produce energy through the conversion of wind, it is a form of clean or green energy and an emerging technology projected to grow by 96% by 2026. The job of a wind turbine technician is to test equipment for safety, service, and maintenance, and perform other repairs.

Individuals with these skill sets are currently in high demand due to the increasing use and production of wind turbines and you may consider getting the skills by enrolling in a short course. Since it is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs, it is completely in 6 to 11 months with field practice.

Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists is on our list of short courses that lead to good jobs we think you should consider going for. You’ll gain knowledge about the human body and how it should be treated to reduce stress, especially on muscles and tissues, and how to manipulate these body parts to relieve pain and increase relaxation.

With a license or certificate as a massage therapist, you will be able to start up a business and clients will also trust you to come to you for advice and so on. The program can take up to 11 to 12 months to complete and it is totally worth it but if you can’t wait for that long, you can go for something with a shorter duration.

It is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and you can find it on Coursera.


HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems require maintenance and repair to keep working properly. HVAC is a basic system in homes, schools, and office buildings, and just like every other mechanism they also require maintenance and repairs by the right technicians.

HVAC Tech is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and you may consider being an on-demand technician. Getting a certificate in the field will boost your rate of getting employed and open more opportunities for you. The short program is completed in 6 months.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

This is an opportunity for you to be involved in the healthcare industry, join the short course and gain skills as an EMT which can be completed in as little as 6 months. You will learn first aid techniques, medical terminologies, and basic medical skills for medical emergency responses.

With your skills and certification, you can work with healthcare institutions, clinics, and hospitals working on an ambulance providing swift emergency care. This is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and you should consider it.

Automobile Service Station Manager

The skillset required for this job includes setting the gas prices for the day, making the employee schedule, training employees, managing inventory, maintaining safety regulations, and managing employees. Don’t allow the required skill set to discourage you from going for this, after all, you will learn all of these and become a professional before going out to the field.

Automobile Service Station Manager is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs, completed in as little as 3 months equipping you with the skills and knowledge to efficiently manage a station.

These are the short courses that lead to good jobs that you may want to consider. These short courses listed here are in high demand in the workforce which is why they are listed here, so that whichever of the skills you gain, you’ve gained something on-demand.

We have also gone on to outline and discuss the list of short courses that lead to good jobs in Australia, citizens and permanent residents of Australia may want to consider them as they also have good annual pay.

Short Courses that Lead to Good Jobs in Australia

The following are the short courses that lead to good jobs in Australia:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Vet Assistant

Information Technology (IT)

Gain skills in IT and become a sought-after individual for employment in Australia, every company and organization require certified individuals in the IT department, and enrolling for the short course will offer you the skill set you need to kick start a career in the field. It is one of the top short courses that lead to good jobs and high pay in Australia.

Beauty Therapy

The beauty therapy sector is growing fast in Australia and there is much beauty-related skill set you could get in this field and get a good job with high pay. Don’t waste the opportunity, enroll for the short course, get skilled, and get certified to attract customers. It is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and shouldn’t take more than 7 to 9 months to complete and earn a certificate.

Web and Graphic Design

Web and Graphic Design is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs with a high in Australia that you may decide to go into.

The rate at which people are creating their own websites is on the rise, businesses and individuals need websites to promote their products, skills, and themselves. Equip yourself with the skills to create websites and graphic design and work with some of the top web developers in the country.


This is one of the short courses that lead to good jobs and you can easily become an entrepreneur in the field. You don’t need to have any experience to enroll in this short course, your creativity is enough to get you enrolled and start learning effective photography and editing techniques. A certificate will do well in bringing you, clients.

You can enroll for the training online here.

Vet Assistant

If you love animals and have always wanted to care for them, this is your chance to fulfill your aspirations. Enroll in the short course, which you can find online here, and learn how to become an assistant to a professional vet and have a chance at caring for animals.

These are the short courses that lead to good jobs in Australia, have a further look into them and consider going for them. They are high-paying jobs in Australia.

Best Short Courses for jobs in the UK

The UK also has its share of short courses that lead to good jobs, they are:

  • Sports and Fitness Course
  • Plumbing Courses
  • Accounting and Finance Course
  • Health and Safety Course
  • T Course
  • Electrician Courses
  • Carpentry Training Courses
  • Animal Care Course
  • Teaching Course
  • Hospitality and Catering Course
  • Admin, Secretarial, and PA Course
  • Marketing Course
  • Kitchen Fitting Courses
  • Language Course
  • Fashion and Beauty Course
  • Design Course
  • Media Course
  • Fashion and Beauty Course

These are the short courses that lead to good jobs in the UK that you should consider going for, they are on-demand and pay high.



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