7 Helpful Online Resources to Learn WordPress Coding

People who want to create a website but don’t know how to code can use WordPress. Still, many web developers make big bucks integrating coding languages to add custom functionality and improve the web design of WordPress websites. Thus, you should learn to code if you want to create a WordPress website and customize it using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. 

Truth be told, studying coding languages can be a bit complicated. But you can learn to code if you have the discipline to pursue it. You can find many online resources to develop your coding skills. Read this blog post to know about these online resources. 


Udemy is an online learning website that offers video tutorials on a variety of topics, including WordPress development. There are courses for beginners and advanced learners, supported by learning aids and quizzes to test their knowledge. Visit worthitreviewers.com for a review on Udemy. 

If you want to hone your WordPress coding skills in a more structured manner, Udemy is an excellent platform for you. Free online courses are available on the site and paid learning resources only start at $10. Enrolling in a paid course at Udemy gives you the privilege of referencing learning materials included in it at any time. 

WordPress Codex

If you want to learn much-needed topics about WordPress development, go to the platform’s online manual. WordPress Codex offers information from the basics of web development to utilizing built-in themes and plugins. It also has resources for writing your own plugin and debugging a network. 

Beginners and advanced learners in web development can make the most of the wide range of topics in WordPress Codex. You can search through the Code Reference database to know more about functions, classes, hooks, and methods in WordPress. 


Creating WordPress plugins and themes is achievable for beginners through WPMU Dev. This online learning platform offers online resources on web development and coding. WPMU Dev is the go-to resource for agencies, freelancers, and web developers if they want training and support for creating a functional website. 

Seasoned web developers will teach you from basic to advanced courses. There’s an introduction to WP and PHP themes and plugins. You’ll learn how to strengthen website security, optimize site performance, and other topics related to web development. 


TreeHouse is a widely-known online learning platform for coders, web developers, and ordinary folks who want to learn how to create a website. The website has a vast library of topics that will help you hone your web development knowledge and skills. 

Users love the expert-led video resources and interactive learning at TreeHouse. You can practice what you learn through your courses by engaging in quizzes and coding challenges. Learning coding stuff such as CSS, HTML, and PHP is more fun through this online learning platform! 

Code Academy

Code Academy is another online platform that helps you to learn coding. You can access courses on CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML for an affordable fee. There are several topics that can make you savvy in developing a website, especially through WordPress. If you want to learn how to use Python, Ruby, and SQL, you can also find these lessons at Code Academy. 

Another advantage of Code Academy is its emphasis on interactive learning. Users enrolled in a coding course have to solve problems and complete tasks to gauge what they learn. 


You can learn technology and creative skills at Lynda, an online learning platform owned by LinkedIn. Access a wide range of courses on 3D animation, photography, digital marketing, and web development. 

Beginners can access online lessons on WordPress fundamentals, including writing a blog and website optimization. For advanced topics, there are tutorials on Accelerated Mobile Pages and WP-CLI. 

Lynda’s online courses feature video tutorials with closed captioning to maximize the learning of students. You can avail of a 30-day free trial for an online course, and a fee is charged after the trial ends. 


For people who want to create an e-commerce website for their business or write a blog just for a hobby, subscribing to WP101 is a good choice. This online learning platform has hundreds of video lessons in its library, including WordPress basics on creating themes and plugins. 

You can access the content at WP101 on any device, allowing you to learn while on the go. Besides WordPress, users can also learn about WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Yoast Seo

Final Thoughts

Coding is at the heart of every web developer and person who wants to build a website. Learning how to code requires one to solve problems, be creative, and do research. In today’s age when the Internet dominates most areas of our lives, honing your coding skills is crucial. So, the best advice for you is to take advantage of online courses that help you learn this essential skill.