8 Reasons Why You Need to Learn About Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity means having various cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs in a single area or place, while inclusion means including everyone without discrimination. Diversity and inclusion are extremely important to prevent any community from being marginalized or excluded from getting their basic rights.

Why Diversity and Inclusion is Always a Huge Need?

In this blog, we will tell you why diversity and inclusion are important and a huge need, especially in the current era. A few of the most significant reasons to be more inclusive and encourage diversity are listed below:

Spreading Acceptance and Tolerance:

When we live in a shared space where people other than the ones sharing our cultures or beliefs reside, it’s very important to be tolerant and respectful to each other to coexist peacefully. 

As we grow older and see more educational and technological advances globally, there is simply no excuse to have a biased mindset that can potentially harm the other person or community. 

We need to spread acceptance and tolerance for everyone regardless of their faith, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, race, etc., especially with the help of diversity and inclusion training workshops in educational institutes, healthcare settings, and workplaces. 

Building Unity for Humanitarian Purposes

No power on earth can destroy any nation or community if they stand united and be each other’s biggest support. No one has the right to injure or threaten anybody else; therefore, we as humans should be together and put humanity above everything else.

Countless social issues are going on in the world, and the only way to curb them is to stand together in support of the oppressed and work actively together to eradicate or at least lessen the problem. Unity does wonder if it is done properly. 

Having Freedom from Discrimination

It is very upsetting to see people discriminated against based on their gender, clothing, religion, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or financial status. These discriminations do permanent and deep damage, resulting in their basic rights being compromised and causing several serious issues. 

Diversity and inclusion play a huge role in putting these discriminations to rest and building a better and more accepting future for all. This includes fair wages, the right to education, deserving healthcare, and much more.

Awareness of Each Other’s Rights

Living in 2021, there is simply no excuse for not being aware of each other’s basic rights. When we do as little as gain awareness about the communities around us, we tend to be more mindful of it, creating empathy and understanding. 

This allows people to collectively cater to each other’s needs and grow together as a community. Living in three Es, i.e., equality, equity, and empathy, does wonders to our world in terms of mental and physical health, boosts the economy, and raises education level on a national level. 

Creating More Career and Academic Opportunities

Diversity and inclusion have a very strong link with the careers and academics of people worldwide. For example, a woman being the perfect fit for a leadership role gets her opportunity taken away based on her gender. 

Now, the company she works in gets deprived of her strong skills and experience. Imagine if many women like her are allowed to do their best in roles tailored fit for them, the results would be amazing for the concerned company/organization and the country they work in. 

So many people are denied amazing opportunities based on who they are, and the world gets deprived of someone talented and experienced based on this discrimination. Diversity and inclusion create such opportunities for people in building their careers and giving them an equal chance at education like the rest.

Getting More Inclusive Healthcare

According to Lighthouse, 19% of the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender people, were straight-up denied healthcare and were even abused by doctors/healthcare professionals. 

The same blog reports that in just 2016, more than 175 anti-LBGTQ laws were passed in 32 states of the US, where almost 10% of them were related to them being denied access to healthcare and protection. 

Moreover, according to TheUndefeated, 1 in 5 black adults were dealt with discrimination in a healthcare setting. In contrast, 37% of black women with children, 25% of black women in general, and 15% of black men dealt with racial discrimination in a healthcare setting overall. 

Diversity and inclusion play a huge role in ensuring everyone gets access to quality healthcare without discrimination or biases.

Building Empathy Among All

If nothing else, diversity and inclusion build empathy for everyone and ensure everyone is treated fairly. Knowing each other’s struggles and backgrounds creates a better and closer relationship between people who are different from each other but are similar at heart. 

Having empathy is the essence of being human, and this is what builds humanity above all. Loving people for exactly who they are or how they were born and treating them with kindness makes the world a better place to live.

Getting a Better Understanding of Equality and Positivity Among All Communities

Having equal rights is something every person is born with. When you promote diversity and spread inclusion, you get to know about all the communities living around you and everywhere on earth. 

This makes you understand them better and contribute to their well-being by having them enjoy their basic rights. This will for sure spread positivity among all and build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Final Thoughts

Being a better human is not at all complicated. What matters is how your presence contributes to the mental and physical health of people around you. The three Es mentioned above is essential in having all the communities coexist peacefully without trampling upon anyone’s rights and opportunities. 

Promoting diversity and inclusion is guaranteed to attract success and prosperity while discrimination and oppression establish chaos and misery on earth.