A Secret Approach to Writing an Essay in Half the Time

Essay writing has always been pretty scary and intimidating for almost every student throughout irrespective of his class, subject, and grade.

The status of essay writing was historically debated in the Geneva convention back in 1949 but to no good, this was never considered and essay writing has always been a major tool to assess the potential writing skills, presentation, analytical skills, comprehension, and overall knowledge of a student. 

So coining this matter in front of your teacher would do anything good at all? Well, obviously not. This implies that essay writing is an imperative writing skill and no matter what, you have to master it since you would come across essay writing challenges throughout your academic career in school, college and university.

On the other hand, if you have an essay assignment in the pipeline with a very short deadline, here in this article we would narrate a few secret steps of handy tips that will help you write your essay in half the time. So stay focused and try to absorb all these quick and easy tips, we are more than just sure that these will help. 


Create a perfect environment first

No matter what type of assignment you are about to begin, this takes a whole lot of consideration to create the most appropriate environment first.

We all know that technology and also the people might be the biggest distractions while studying and keeping a strict check on these both is literally imperative.

If you compromise on any of these two factors, in no way you are going to make it through at all, let alone writing an essay sooner. So select an isolated place right away from the access of any person, clean the mess there if any, choose a comfortable chair and table, make it tidy, cut off the internet connections and make sure to switch off all the social media channels.

Finally, put your mobile phone away. 

Avoid research recursion syndrome for faster research

Well, typically looking into the subject matter of an essay we can comfortably say that proper and legit research is the backbone of an essay.

While writing your essay of any type and on any topic, the research section to back your claim happens to be the most difficult and time-consuming one. Throughout the preparation of the rough draft, we literally keep craving that our paper would become great if we add just one more reference and this one more mantra never seems to be stopping at all. This is called research recursion syndrome.

So just emphasize on most solid and substantial points and back them with appropriate reference, leave most of the mediocre ones if this doesn’t cut on to your required word limit. Because a solid argument leaves a way more influential effect on the reader than that of a mediocre one. 

Prefer quality over quantity

While writing essays, we naturally might be tempted to write more and more and more.

This has always been a common perception among the students that the more we blacken the pages, the higher will be the marks but in reality, this is not the case. Your examiner will be looking for pure quality and nothing else.

Although there is a standard bar of word count in most essay writing papers, there are countless examples where the student misses the word count bar but very efficiently delivers the message in very few and limited words and still makes it through even with distinctive marks.

So this is an established fact, do not waste your time in filling the pages with irrelevant stuff instead, stay focused and only bring up the substance that is worth it.

Avoid intricate language & fancy words

This is another common perception in international students studying on scholarships that using more intricate language and fancy words leave an impression of more knowledge which is absolutely incorrect.

In fact, most educationists believe that the use of such irregular, uncommon and intricate language annoys the reader. If he is a common reader, he would certainly start reading your essay right in the middle and if this is even your teacher, such fancy words wouldn’t leave any positive impact at all.

Essay writing is more about conveying your message pretty clear and concise. Furthermore, finding such fancy words also takes time which could be another hurdle in swift essay writing so make sure to avoid any such language and words.  

Write introduction and conclusion at the end

We know that essay writing in the modern age isn’t that straight like that of our childhood essay writing. This is rather more complex and technical.

From thesis statement to outline, a proper introduction to a satisfactory conclusion, every component carries a certain weightage. Among all these different components, introduction and conclusion are considered to be the most difficult ones so you better leave these both for the end.

If you start them in the beginning, these two are going to drain a lot of your time. Moreover, once you write the body paragraphs first, writing these both would be a lot easier. 

Beat the scourge of perfectionism

This is another psychological phenomenon that in most cases keeps the students from timely or early completion of the essay. This is the literal urge of attaining perfection in the essay which can never be achieved.

One checker may consider an essay a great one while another may tag it just an average one so never run behind this unattainable scourge. Just focus on the essentials, don’t compromise on them no matter what, and leave the rest on the checker.

If you keep running behind this temptation of perfection, you’ll probably end up missing the deadline and once you miss it, you do not even need to complete your essay at all.