Artificial Intelligence

The impact of AI Will continue to increase, and so is the demand, whether you’re using Siri or you are telling “Ok Google” to help you schedule your meeting. So learning any AI course will greatly impact your career, especially when you further your studies in it.

Lots of companies whether the giant companies or the small ones are looking for means to introduce AI to their businesses, or improve the already existing ones, and not just that, these companies pay stupendously well to their AI employees. And, one of the good things about this course is that 14% of those that completed it got a reasonable career benefit.

This is a beginner’s course, and it runs for approximately 12 hours, it will enlighten anyone, and I mean “anyone,” whether you’re a tech guy, or you know nothing about computer. This course breaks down AI into an understandable, basic way. You will start by understanding what AI is, you learn to build AI projects, you will learn to build AI projects in a company, and many more lessons.