Australia Calling: Immigration Tips for International Students

Studying abroad is a global trend, with many international students eventually looking for permanent relocation to their academic destination. After all, it’s easy to settle in a country after living a few years and embracing its culture and lifestyle. An international degree also leads to better career prospects and professional growth in the long run.

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students. According to a recent report on International student data, Australian universities have over 600,000 international students enrolled in them. That’s a massive recovery after the pandemic crisis when the country closed its borders for an extended time.

Many of these students want to stay back for good because the country offers excellent career opportunities and an excellent lifestyle. It has liberal immigration policies, which means getting a permanent residence is easier than you imagine. Being an international student gives you an extra advantage when it comes to immigration.

The process entails several steps that may sound confusing to a novice. Fortunately, a little guidance and professional help can ease the journey and help you stay back as a resident after completing your studies.

Here are the immigration tips that overseas students in Australia can rely on:

Know Your Visa Options

Your study permit allows you to stay in Australia until the completion of your course. If you are genuinely interested in staying back, you must look for your visa options before wrapping up your studies. Fortunately, there are diverse routes for immigration to Australia, and overseas students already in the country are in a good place to qualify.

The post-study work visa lets you stay and work in the country for two years after completing a minimum of two years of full-time study program at the bachelor’s or master’s level. You can leverage the work permit to qualify for Australian PR later. Skilled migration and employer-sponsored visas are other options for people who haven’t studied in the country.

According to IC Australia, aspiring immigrants must seek professional advice from certified consultants to understand their eligibility, complete the necessary steps, and jump the hoops. Having an expert showing the way can help you avoid mistakes and delays during the immigration process. 

Keep Your Paperwork in Place

Like any other country, Australia has some documentation requirements for potential immigrants looking for permanent residence in the country.  International students likely have most documents in place during their study permit process, making the road ahead easier. Ask your consultant for a checklist of documents and gather them on time. You will require the following at the time of visa application:

  • Birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Education certificates
  • Employer offer and reference letter
  • Nomination proof
  • Bank statements
  • Police and medical certificate
  • IELTS/PTE test results

Improve Your Chances 

According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, the 2023-24 permanent Migration Program plans to bring 190,000 migrants to the country. While that seems a huge number, you may struggle to get ahead in the queue. As an international student, you can take a few measures to improve your chances. Here are the steps recommended by experts:

Work Post-Study

Working post-study with a Temporary Graduate Visa is an effective way to extend your stay in Australia. During this period, you can brush up on your skills and enhance your language proficiency. Job experience in the country also gives you an advantage. These factors will eventually add value to your permanent residence application. 

Get Additional Qualifications

Since Australia has a points-based immigration system, more points give you a better chance of getting through. A higher qualification gets you a bigger score, so you can earn additional degrees as a graduate. You can enroll in a diploma, post-graduate degree, or doctoral degree according to your current qualification.

Check Other Factors

Additional factors such as your age and spousal qualifications can also improve your chances of getting an Australian PR after completing your studies in the country. Younger applicants get a head start, so consider applying sooner than later. Likewise, you can be in a better place if your spouse is highly qualified.

The Bottom Line

Australia is a great country to live in, making it one of the hottest immigration destinations. You can navigate the immigration process easily as an international student. Make the most of the advantage and consult with an expert to start your journey right after completing your degree. 

A permanent residence status opens up better opportunities and amenities and gets you on the road to citizenship. It isn’t a chance worth missing.