Benefits of Study Abroad Programs

If studying abroad is on your list of things to experience, you aren’t alone. Spending some of your time in another country, immersed in the language and culture, is a great way to spend some of your college years.

Many colleges have a variety of choices for their students. If participating in one of these programs is important to you, do your research early to see what is offered by the schools you are considering. If you have your heart set on a particular school, but they don’t offer a program that appeals to you, speak with your advisor. It may be possible to join in with another school to attend a semester abroad in the region of your choice.

Paying for Your Studies

These trips aren’t limited to those who have parental help through their college years. If you are interested in a program that offers this option, there are ways to make the numbers work.

Whether you have been paying for school with loans, grants, or paying as you go, when it comes time to spend a semester abroad, you may need extra help.

Private student loans can be a smart choice for anyone looking to spend part of their college career in another country. Whether you are a student or a family member of the student, researching private student loan options allows you shop for a low interest rate to pay for your education, as well as payment terms that makes sense for you.

Why Study Abroad?

If you are up in the air about studying abroad, it can help to realize the many benefits of this type of program. There is no arguing that the world is getting smaller, and the ability to understand other cultures has never been more valuable. Attending school in another country immerses you in that culture.

Simply having the experience on your resume will help you stand out when applying for work after graduation. Of course, there is no need to underestimate the enjoyment you will gain from studying abroad.

While the career options it opens up are beneficial, taking this time to explore another country is valuable on a personal level. Depending on how your life goes after graduation, it may be decades before you can have this type of experience again.

Undergraduate or Graduate School?

While many people focus on studying abroad for undergraduate school, you can also attend graduate school in a foreign country.

Doing your graduate work abroad is a great way to save money, as many of these programs are shorter and less expensive than US-based graduate degrees. Even when attending a school in another country, you can qualify for US-based financial aid.

Earning your graduate degree from an overseas school is particularly valuable when you are seeking a competitive edge after graduation. For example, attending school and interning in a foreign country will help push your resume to the front of the line if you seek a job in international business, relations, or finance. Spending so much time in a foreign country also provides you with opportunities to polish a second language. Even if not required in your future career, being fluent in a second language is a valuable skill.