Best Universities In USA For Law

This is the list of top ten Best Universities In USA For Law students and aspirants, these universities are by all means the best law universities or best law colleges as the case maybe. You can go though the list to see which ranks where it ranks and why it do.

Best Universities In USA For Law

1. Duke University

The Duke University School of Law is one of 10 schools at Duke University. It is consistently ranked highly and has a competitive admissions process, accepting only about 20 per cent of applicants a year.

2. Stanford University

The Stanford Law School is known as one of the best law universities in USA for having one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios in the country at 7.3:1.

The law courses are varied and diverse, beginning with an overview in the first year covering criminal law, contracts, tort, and legal research and writing. After the first year, students can choose from some 280 different course titles in order to specialize in the area that interests them.

3. Yale University

The admissions process to the Yale University School of Law is one of the most selective in the country with less than 10 per cent of applicants accepted each year this pops it into the list of best law universities in usa.

The school hosts a number of clinics that allow students to represent clients in real-world problems. Up to 80 per cent of Yale law students take part in these clinics before they graduate. The clinics cover a wide range of legal areas and new ones are added all the time.

4. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Law School produces six professional journals, three of which are run by students: University of Chicago Law Review, Chicago Journal of International Law and University of Chicago Legal Forum. If students are interested in membership of any of these journals, they have to take part in a writing competition at the end of the first year. A group of students will then be selected based on their grade point average and the quality of their submissions to the writing competition, depending on which journal they have applied for.


5. University of Cambridge

The Squire Law Library at the University of Cambridge is one of the three largest legal collections in the UK with almost 180,000 volumes. The collection is strongest in UK law, but contains collections on legal systems across the world including the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. There are also smaller collections for many other countries, it is indeed one of the best law universities in usa.

Below is the table of the ranking of law Universities in USA. This ranking of law colleges in USA is the 2018 editions of best law universities in usa.


Law Rank 2018 University Country
1 Duke University United States
2 Stanford University United States
3 Yale University United States
4 University of Chicago United States
5 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
6 University of Oxford United Kingdom
7 University of Melbourne Australia
8 University College London United Kingdom
9 Harvard University United States
10 University of Toronto Canada
11 University of Pennsylvania United States
12 New York University United States
13 McGill University Canada
14 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
15 University of Michigan United States
16 University of British Columbia Canada
17 Columbia University United States
18 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
19 University of California, Berkeley United States
20 Leiden University Netherlands
21 University of California, Los Angeles United States
22 Cornell University United States
23 University of Amsterdam Netherlands
24 KU Leuven Belgium
=25 Georgetown University United States
=25 King’s College London United Kingdom
27 Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
28 University of Manchester United Kingdom
29 University of Virginia United States
30 National University of Singapore Singapore
=31 University of New South Wales Australia
=31 University of Washington United States
33 University of Sydney Australia
34 Utrecht University Netherlands
35 Northwestern University United States
36 Tilburg University Netherlands
37 Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom
38 George Washington University United States
39 University of Antwerp Belgium
40 University of Nottingham United Kingdom
41 University of Copenhagen Denmark
42 Australian National University Australia
43 Boston University United States
44 York University Canada
45 Stockholm University Sweden
46 Vanderbilt University United States
47 University of Essex United Kingdom
48 University of Glasgow United Kingdom
49 University of Bristol United Kingdom
50 University of Kent United Kingdom
51 Durham University United Kingdom
52 City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
53 University of Sussex United Kingdom
54 University of Queensland Australia
55 University of Texas at Austin United States
=56 University of Helsinki Finland
=56 University of Sheffield United Kingdom
58 Ghent University Belgium
59 Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
60 Arizona State University United States
=61 Maastricht University Netherlands
=61 University of Tasmania Australia
63 Autonomous University of Madrid Spain
64 University of Leeds United Kingdom
65 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Chile
66 University of Montreal Canada
67 Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands
68 Monash University Australia
69 University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
70 Sapienza University of Rome Italy
71 Northeastern University United States
72 University of York United Kingdom
73 University of Groningen Netherlands
74 Dalhousie University Canada
75 Georgia State University United States
76 University of Strathclyde United Kingdom
77 Ohio State University United States
78 University of California, Irvine United States
=79 Laval University Canada
=79 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States
81 George Mason University United States
82 Lancaster University United Kingdom
=83 University of Alberta Canada
=83 University of Georgia United States
85 University of Wollongong Australia
=86 University of Birmingham United Kingdom
=86 University of Chile Chile
88 University of South Australia Australia
89 University of Southampton United Kingdom
90 University of Warwick United Kingdom
91 University of Zurich Switzerland
92 University of Pretoria South Africa
93 University of Exeter United Kingdom
94 Tel Aviv University Israel
95 Complutense University of Madrid Spain
=96 University of Bologna Italy
=96 University of Oslo Norway
=98 American University United States
=98 University of Hamburg Germany
=98 University of Ottawa Canada