Big History: Connecting Knowledge

You and I (ok, maybe only me) know of the popular quote that says, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This couldn’t be more true, with history you Understand how change occurs, how far we have grown to where we are now, and what can we do to make our future better.

Though, some people assume that history is one of the most boring classes to be in. But, I can tell you that some people have mastered the art of making you enjoy every single lesson in a history class.

These people use different methods in analyzing, and teaching this used-to boring subject in a human-friendly manner whether through free online courses or traditional way.

Anyway, you’ll be learning a lot from these approximately 29 hours of history classes, you’ll be learning some of the problems we’ve faced in this world from Genesis. You’ll be going far back billions of years back, to see how it all started, and you’ll be doing this for free.

Professor Iain Hay will be taking you in this 100% online course, and he will be teaching you the big history, the universe, stars, planets, the evolutionary epic, human history, and many more. The course is broken into a six-week class.