Brandon University tuition fees for international students -Updated

Brandon University provides a well-developed and friendly environment for international students. The institution has excellent experience of work with international students. The University provides research opportunities and the ability of direct interaction with professors. Inspirational teachings, innovative scholarly activities, intensive study – it is all about Brandon University courses. The university provides a degree that is helpful in obtaining employment, or admission to graduate schools. Remember that all the documents you submit should be in English. After submitting the documents, the applicant should wait for the official letter (email) of acceptance.

According to official information about Brandon University tuition fees, an applicant should be ready to have approximately 20, 000 Canadian dollars for the first year of study (travel costs are not included). Remember that students must pay at the time of registration. All the financial and payment information will be provided to students online, you can also go to the website for more detailed information.

There are several payment options. Visit to pay by web or telephone. Tuition payments can be made by cheque, cash, bank draft, certified cheque, money order, interac (debit card). We are sure that you are also interested to know Cheapest universities in Canada for international students for masters.

Payment dates.

The payment date for first term tuition – September 5, 2018.
The payment date for second term tuition – January 3, 2019.

Undergraduate international students – $6,758 – $7,181 per year
Graduate international students – $5,385 per year

Brandon University is a well known institution that is located in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. The university is considered as predominantly undergraduate liberal arts and sciences institution.
Brandon university courses are included in five faculties:
Faculty of Arts, Faculty of english, faculty of graduate studies, faculty of science, faculty of health science.

Under the faculty of arts, there are: Drama, Economics Aboriginal and Visual Arts History, Classical and Modern Languages Native Studies, Philosophy Anthropology Business Administration English, Gender and Women’s Studies.

Brandon University tuition fees for international students are not so high in comparison with other institutions with such great quality of education so you may be on the right track for low tuition universities for international students.