Build Your Future: 5 Degrees To Go For In 2022

College life is full of excitement and relaxation. However, as soon as the students step out of college into the real world, everything changes. Graduation gives you two kinds of feelings. One feeling is full of happiness on crossing a milestone.

The second emotion is usually worrying about what to do next. Students typically have a considerable number of career pathways to choose from. Hence, it is natural to feel confused about choosing the right profession for yourself. But the relieving part is that it is not necessary to feel that way every time.

Before selecting any career, you can do a thorough evaluation of yourself on what interests you. Once you are clear on your interests, you can choose a career pathway that matches your interests and skills and offers significant growth.

Ever since the pandemic, several things have changed significantly. One such component that the pandemic immensely impacted is choosing career and job opportunities.

In 2020, people had to shift from in-person classes to online lectures. Similarly, employees had to work remotely. Though many still prefer the pre-pandemic era, more and more people are adapting to the new rules. For example, there are several benefits of online courses. Suppose you want to gain a degree with which you can build your future.

You can enroll in such courses virtually, like an MSE online leadership and management program. After getting registered, you can take lectures according to your availability, making it easy to pursue higher education.

Still, predicting what career will flourish in the post-pandemic world is not easy. However, the good news is that several jobs in healthcare, information technology, and marketing careers are in high demand. Here are some of the best professions to choose today that offer a bright future.


The healthcare sector offers many exciting job opportunities for those who have a passion for helping others. Healthcare professionals have an immense impact on the community currently and prospectively.

Moreover, the ongoing advancement of technology increases the demand for nurses and physicians. So, depending on the medical profession you want to pursue, there are several degrees.

If you wish to be a practicing physician, you will require a medical degree with a minimum of four years of programs. Similarly, if you value the interaction with the patient, you can become a registered nurse. 

Data Analysts

Data analytics is one of the fields that has positively exploded in the last decade. Hence, big data is no longer just a buzzword; it is a growing field that offers lucrative job opportunities to fresh graduates.

According to research, there is a 16 percent growth in job rates in the field of computers and information research scientists. However, it is advisable to have a master’s degree for individuals who want to break into the industry. Similarly, data science is also a promising field for creating a difference in the previously male-dominated industry. As per research, data science is turning into a female-dominated profession.

Software Developers

Today, the importance of software developers in our daily lives has become more and more prominent. So, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or any popular application, it’s all thanks to the software developer behind it.

A professional software developer builds practically everything we see on our phones or laptops. Because of the importance, software developers are always in high demand. So, if you are interested in this career, you must have a primary degree in computer science. However, many companies prefer candidates with an additional master’s degree. 

Mental Health Professionals

Ever since the pandemic struck, there has been a significant increase in mental health issues. And with the longstanding stigma in society, it has been difficult for people to seek help. However, in recent years, the community has learned the importance of mental health.

Similarly, therapy and counseling sessions have also become common. Hence, psychology is a growing field. There has been a rise in people going for careers in psychology, clinical psychology, organizational psychology, etc. Hence, with a degree in psychology, there are several opportunities in fields other than clinical psychology, such as business, law enforcement, teaching, criminal justice, etc.

Information Technology

With the ongoing advancements, the world has realized the need for technologists. The pandemic introduced us to applications like Zoom, healthcare apps, and many more. Hence, technology proves to be the future of the world.

However, information technology focuses more on installing and management of computer systems. Graduates can work under architects, support specialists, research scientists, and the likes.

It is essential to know whether your dream job has the potential to grow significantly. It gives you thorough and valuable insight into how easy it will be for you to get appointed in a particular occupation.

Suppose you are still unsure about the career you have chosen. In that case, you can consult a career advisor for a better understanding. They help you think more openly and explore new career pathways.