Cheapest Universities For International Students In The World and How To Apply

Hello everyone, once in a while I take a break like I was never going to write again but thats never true, this time around I have got the list of top ten cheapest universities for international students in the world and I know it would interest you to learn about them. One sure thing is, even if I get tired of writing, the thought of helping you guys achieve your dreams of studying abroad strenghtens me to continue.

This is about you as an international students finding ways to cut cost in your study-abroad actualization and yet obtain maximum result from the study. The universities on this list accept international students are very good academically. What is more than getting a university abroad at low cost? Hang on as I peal-open the package.

Cheapest Universities For International Students In The World and How To Apply

I’m going to start this list from the first to the last, like we will have the last on the list first, so we will count from 10 to 1. Who is ready? Let’s fire down!

10. Duke University -The last on my list and the first here is Duke University in Durham with campuses at Singapore and China. Duke gives it’s students the opportunity to study abroad in any of it’s campuses either in China or Singapore, the choice is yours to make.
Total Cost: $21,295, Tuition Fee: Starting from around $6,500 (not including airfare and other expenses).

Is Duke University costly then? Nope. and thats why it is featured on my list of top ten cheapest universities for international students in the world. It may amaze you to know that as cheap as Duke may appear, it is the costliest on my list, yeah, thats why it’s on the 10th position.

9. The University of Delaware -Behold another beauty people, the university of Delaware. The school is located at Newark and it charges a tuition fee starting from around $3,200. With a total about $15,149, you are sure to clear every payable fees at Delaware and get relaxed as a full time student.

8. Connecticut College -Though the amount that they charge for tuition fee is not listed online due to there own private reasons, with about $27,417 at hand, you would be able to clear all fees for the year at Connecticut.

You maybe wondering why I put Connecticut as 8th on the list, it is because despite being one of the cheapest universities for international students in the world, it also offers every of it’s students a whopping $3000 to pursue internship abroad; amazing right?

7. Trinity College -Trinity college is located in Hartford but has a campus of it’s own in rome with over nine university-supported study away programs for its students.

Apart from your airfare to land in Hartford, you will need about $23,980 to sort out every fee needed to be paid to take up an undergraduate program in Trinity. Their exact tuition fee is variable and changes from time to time for new students.

6. Middlebury College -The name sounds girlish right? Well that’s the of the country where this awesome citadel of learning is located; in Middlebury. This college is not just one of the cheapest universities for international students in the world but also one university that sends its students to over 40 different location in about 17 different countries to for internship and class credit.

How does it sound to come to study abroad and you are being sent even to more international countries in the course of your studentship? Amazing, you should be loving Middlebury already!

With about 20 – 30k dollars ready, you should be reaching out to MB College for a deal!

5. St. Olaf College -I used to reffer to this university as “saint all laugh college”… All need to laugh anyway and at Olaf College, all should be laughing! That’s happiness.

Olaf is located in Northfield and offers international off campus programs for international students. It also offers scholarship programs that means as a student, you can apply and land yourself a scholarship to start studying for free.

Their tuition fees starts from $2000 but with about $25k you should be able to clear all fees.

4. The University of Arkansas -It is located in Fayettevile and requires a total cost of about $14,693 with tuition fees starting from about $3k.

It is one of the top cheapest universities for international students in the world and it recognized by many as a world class university.

3. West Verginia University -Located in Morgantown with a host of international students from different parts of the world.

West Verginia University is probably the second cheapest universities for international students in the world but for some reasons it is third on my list.

The university offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is just the best at what they do. They charge a tuition fee as low as about $1.5k and with a total of about $10k you would clear all your fees as a new student.

2. Georgetown University – Located in Washington with a tuition fee starting from $5.5k. With about 25 -30k dollars you should be able to clear all payable fees as an international students in Georgetown University.

Now take a deep breathe and relax before get to the first on the list. Done? do please. You are about seeing the best thing this year as an internstional student seeking to study abroad. You would be surprised to know that you can actually study for as low as I’m about to let you know now.

Last time I wrote about low tuition universities in Canada but in that list, I was only talking about tuition fees but here, I am talking about both tuition fees and total cost of study.

I regularly talk about low tuition universities though you can find several of them at

You sure most have taken the deep breathe so lets see the school standing first on the list of cheapest universities for international students in the world and why it is so.

  1. The University of Washington -This school charges about just $700 as tuition fees, the cheapest you can get anywhere abroad.

With a total of just  9 – 10k dollars, you will clear all payable fees as an international student and would be fully enrolled into the university.

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