Free Masters Degree for Teachers

Here, you will find complete details of how to obtain a free masters degree for teachers which may be offered both online and offline with a valid certificate with which beneficiaries can look for jobs in the education field or for other legal purposes.

As a teacher, getting a master’s degree can easily get you a high-paying job, and even if you already got a teaching job with some other degrees a master’s can earn you a bigger promotion. It will also earn you respect from your friends, colleagues, and students too.

As a master’s degree holder, you earned the degree through your hard work and equipping yourself with advanced knowledge. This has automatically made you well qualified for imparting knowledge to others, due to your advanced knowledge.

As a teacher, there are endless benefits that come with having a master’s degree in your academic portfolio and it is the aim of teachers who don’t own it yet to do so. And with a master’s in your possession you have begun the journey to getting a doctorate degree.

So if you are an aspiring teacher, getting a master’s will make your journey much easy and profitable and you can easily get a doctorate. A masters education takes 2-3 years to complete depending on the area of study but it is usually costly.

The tuition fee range of getting a master’s ranges from approximately $30,000 – $150,000 annually which varies by university/college and program of study. This amount does not include accommodation, living expenses, etc.

It may be expensive but it is totally worth it, but to assist aspiring teachers who can’t afford to get an MA there are a couple of free ones they can apply for. We at Study Abroad Nations caught the air of it and have gone on to do extensive, in-depth research for these free masters degree for teachers.

And with that, we made a compilation of all free masters degree for teachers which are offered both online and through the regular school (offline). However, these programs are really scarce thus making them few in numbers but you can always join them if they catch your interest.

It is through programs like this that you can obtain an online teaching certificate free of charge unless maybe you have to pay some nominal fees for registration and examinations.

What masters should I get as a teacher?

It is right that you want to get a master’s as a teacher, it will get you employed, get a salary raise, and a promotion too. But the masters you get as a teacher matters, and you can’t just go on to get a masters in any field of study. You’ve already done that in your bachelor’s degree program.

Now, you have to get a masters that will qualify you as a teacher, and the master’s degrees for teachers are;

  • Masters in Special Education
  • Masters in School Administration
  • Masters in Curriculum Development
  • Masters in Adult Education
  • Masters in School Counseling
  • Masters in Teaching
  • Masters in English Education
  • Masters in Mathematics Education
  • Master of Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Library Science

These are the masters you can get as a teacher to enhance your teaching quality and how well the students can benefit from you.

How can I get a master’s degree for free?

There are a variety of ways you can study for a master’s degree for free and this time for any field of study and not just teaching. If you want to get a master’s in teaching you can also follow the ways below.

1.      Financial Aids

The majority of schools provide financial aids to their students which are in form of bursaries, scholarships, and fellowships. These financial aids are directed towards students who have excellent academic performance (merit-based award) and/or students who come from poor backgrounds (need-based award).

These scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries can be provided by the government, the institution, charity organizations, and alumni of a specific school. The financial aid may also come as fully-funded or partially-funded but whichever you are able to get it will help fund your master’s education.

2.      Work for a University or College

Some universities and colleges offer tuition remission to employees, you can make use of this opportunity for your benefit. Since you want to pursue a master’s degree that means you already have a bachelor’s degree, and with it, you already have something to offer to the school.

With your bachelor’s degree, you can work for the school in an area where your knowledge is required, and while you work, you can pursue your master’s degree in teaching at the same time. That is if the school offers tuition remission for employees, and that is research you would have to do on your own.

3.      Student Loans

Loans have made a lot of graduate students achieve their dreams, look for loaning establishments that have a lower interest rate or that are specifically designed to loan students. Establishments of these kinds have lower interest rates and you can begin paying at an agreed percentage after you have graduated and started working.

It may not be free per se, but it works and while you are a student you won’t bother about finance as they can loan you all you need till the end of your program.

These ways we have provided above can help you study for a teaching master’s degree for free, you simply need to follow the requirements, scholarships especially, and you can get a graduate teaching degree at zero cost or half the cost.

Also, we earlier released a list of free online masters degree programs that qualified graduates can take advantage of. These programs are both for teachers and for students in other fields like Music et al.

With all these in mind, you should scroll ahead to see the compiled list of free masters degree for teachers that we at Study Abroad Nations have put together.

Free Master’s Degree for Teachers

We were able to find just one free masters degree for teachers and below are the details of the program and how you can apply;

  • Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree

Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree

This program, Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree, is provided by the University of the People (UoPeople) and the International Baccalaureate (IB), designed to increase the amount of highly skilled teachers around the world.

The M.Ed. program is offered 100% online and will equip teachers with extensive knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment to support student-directed inquiry, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary learning.

The University of the People is the first tuition-free online university but only has the M.Ed. program to offer to teachers. The requirements for the program are a bachelor’s degree and English proficiency, complete an online application and pay a $60 application fee.

After meeting all of the requirements you can start your M.Ed. program as early as possible.

Apply for Program


Like I mentioned earlier, there aren’t many of these programs but the few ones listed here are 100% active. You can also go on to follow the ways I have listed above for studying for free and it works both for online or offline study.

With a master’s degree in education, you can get the promotion you deserve or work in a school you’ve always wanted to. All schools accept teachers with MA and you too won’t be an exemption.



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