Top 12 Free Online Guitar Lessons | Beginners & Pro

With free online guitar lessons, you don’t have to pay a dime to get that professional coach to help you master guitar. In this guide, we carefully handpicked not just free courses, but we made sure they were the best you could ever get online.

You know, “music,” they said “is to the soul what words are to the mind,” that is, music brings out what is in your soul just as words bring out what is in your mind. And, having free music production software is a brilliant avenue to put your skill to action.

Further, if you’re just new in the world of guitar, this is the right place to be, because we have lots of beginner courses for you. In fact, these free online guitar lessons are well arranged so that you can patiently start from basics, and move to beginners, then intermediate, and finally pro.

Even if you’re a professional, we also have you covered, you can dive straight into one of the professional lessons and improve more on your skill. 

But, do you know you can still take beginner’s lessons even though you’re a pro? Because you’ll learn to properly teach a beginner class to a beginner student. 

I’ve seen many professional guitarists that don’t know how to teach their knowledge to beginner students. This could be an avenue to improve your teaching skill.

Thanks to free online courses, you don’t have to pay a dime to learn a course relevant to you. The same goes for guitar lessons, where you enjoy the luxury of lessons without paying. But, that is not to push away the importance of paid professional training, please pay for training if you can.

Further, one of the challenges an artist faces is promoting their newly released songs, you can learn the best ways to promote this song through social media.

Why take Guitar lessons?

Taking a guitar lesson has a lot of benefits whether you’re just starting on guitar, or you have been playing the guitar for a while now. Here are some of the few reasons to take free online guitar lessons.

Experienced Knowledge

There are chances that your instructors had instructors that taught them, instructors that taught the older guitarists, and so on. You’ll be learning accumulated guitar experience, techniques, and repertoire from great legends and geniuses.

The Basics

If you’re just starting in guitar, you don’t need a special advisor to tell you how important free online guitar lessons are to you. Because you will hardly improve to a professional level when someone doesn’t teach you the basics.

In addition, an instructor will help you to avoid some mistakes beginners make and you easily progress through the guitar levels.


Some of these free online guitar lessons will help you to consistently practice your guitar lessons. We all know knowledge is almost powerless when it is not put to work.

The same goes for learning how to play the guitar. A guitar lesson is your best hope for this.

Musical Literacy

You’ll start getting acquainted with guitar and music jargon including; fret, capo, arpeggio, barre chord, strum, plectrum and so many more.

Requirements for free online guitar lessons

You need;

A guitar

Well, how can you learn how to play guitar with the guitar itself? This is the major requirement you need. Whether it is classical, acoustic, or even electrical, make sure you have at least one guitar.

A Computer

Ok, not necessarily a computer because none of these free online guitar lessons requires software. Your Android or iPhone device can still do the work.

But, a computer will give you a big screen for you to enjoy the videos.

An Internet

This is very important too, how can you even access the classes without strong internet?

List of free guitar lessons apps

Here are some of the 11 free online guitar lessons apps that you can easily use from your mobile.

  1. Real Guitar
  2. Justin Guitar Lessons and Songs
  3. Yousician: You Music Teacher
  4. Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks
  5. Guitar Tuna
  6. SmartChord
  7. Guitar 3D
  8. Metronomerous
  9. Andy Guitar
  10. Jamorama
  11. 3000 Chords

Free Online Guitar Lessons

Here is the list of the free online guitar lessons

  • Step by Step Free Beginner Guitar Lessons
  • Advanced Guitar Course (Pro)
  • Campfire Guitarist Quick-Start Series (Pro)
  • Andy Guitar (Beginner Course)
  • Guitar Tricks (Beginners and Pros)
  • GuitarJamz (Beginners)
  • Your Guitar Academy (Beginners and Pros)
  • Learn 13 Free Guitar Lessons Including Chords, Scales, and Songs (Mixed)
  • Learn Practical Guitar Online (All Levels)
  • Free Online Worship Guitar Lessons | Acoustic (All Levels)

1. Step by Step Free Beginner Guitar Lessons

Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” That is before you can become a professional guitarist, you need to learn the basics first, you need to learn the ABCD first before you can spell your name.

So this is one of the free online guitar lessons for those people that are yet to start playing guitar. Or those students that want to come back to learn the basics of guitar again (which is important at some point, especially if you haven’t strung those strings in a while).

This class has an amazing 12 lessons and starts by introducing you to the course in the first class. Where your instructor, Nate Savage will make you feel at home by giving approximately 2 minutes welcome speech.

The second lesson starts by showing you “how to hold a guitar,” which is very important for any guitarist, especially to avoid tiredness and unwanted injuries. This is one of the free online guitar lessons that your class progresses to teach you “how to strum a guitar,” in the sixth lesson. 

And, “your first guitar chords,” on your 7th lesson. Then, in your last lesson, you’ll learn “Where To Go From Here!” Ok, that sounds emotional (like someone leaving his people to join a battle).

But, Nate will be giving you a congratulatory speech and help you to set some attainable goals on this last topic.

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This is one of the free online guitar lessons that have an app and was created in 2003. It has lots of lessons for each grade.

Grade 1, will start by helping you learn the basic skills to start playing the guitar. It Will also help strengthen the muscles on your hands, which will enable you to confidently play the guitar.

This grade will teach you the essential 8 open chords, the popular strumming patterns, and lots of songs. 89 easy-to-play songs will enable you to easily advance to the next level.

This brings us to grade 2, where you’ll be learning lots of new chords including the chord most beginners fear, “F Chord, 7th Chords, and Power Chord.” This is one of the free online guitar lessons where you’ll also learn some other strumming patterns, then move to the groove.

Most importantly, this grade has over 100 lessons to help you advance to the next level. 

In fact, Justin, your instructor, has a bonus class where he teaches you to play with your non-dominant hand. Which has 31 lessons and more than 17 hours of video.

Lastly, grade 3 will teach you to on everything you need to know to progress to an intermediate guitarist. It will guide you through improving what you’ve learned earlier such as; rhythm, technique, and chord grips.

You’ll also start dueting, and transcribing, and go deeper into how music works. This course is completely free, but you can choose to donate to the course to help the providers continue improving the course.


This is one of the free online guitar lessons that was created by Justin Guitar. It is the continuation of the grade 1,2,3 beginner guitar course.

In this class, you’ll be learning a more advanced guitar lesson (it will be easier for you if you went through the beginner’s course properly). 

Grade 4 will take you down the aisle by teaching you open Barre Chords and how to make up solos in any key with Major Scale. Further, you’ll learn to read and write any kind of rhythm maestro, and improve in “blues guitar studies.

In addition, grade 5 explores “A sharp Barre Chord,” and improves your learning from the previous lessons. You’ll also be learning, “melodic patterns,” “legato scale playing,” and many more.

Finally, grade 6 will wrap it up by helping you to determine your music interest and the kind of styles you prefer. You’ll also be given the best tools you’ll need to start writing and playing songs according to your interest.

Whether it is Jazz, Funk, Blues, or even Folk. To make the class easily accessible, you can go ahead to download the app.

4. Advanced Guitar Course (Pro)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons strictly for professionals. Because you’ll be learning Modes, Arpeggios, Extended Chord Harmony, Jazz, and a lot more. 

As an advanced student, you must have learned how to train yourself. Because your instructor will be giving you just the ingredients and you have to produce the recipe.

You’ll start by learning rhythm fills through Mayfield and Hendrix style, then you progress to handling chords individually, instead of remaining in only one scale like most beginners and Intermediates do. Further, you’ll learn some chord extensions you can add to make your Blues and Jazz better.

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5. Campfire Guitarist Quick-Start Series (Pro)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that connect with nature. The campfire has always proven to be a cool place for relaxation and when the cool air that comes from nature and the heat from the fire merges in your pores, it’s heaven on earth.

Moreover, when you add songs or even guitar to the scenario, it creates an environment that you don’t just want to leave at all. Then, imagine if you were the guitarist in this kind of scenario, the life-giver to these people, imagine what the world, what these people will see you as.

That’s exactly what this course will help you to be. The course is in 7 categories and it includes topics such as;

  • How To Become A Campfire Guitarist
  • How To Play Songs With Perfect Timing
  • 5 Essential Campfire Strumming Patterns
  • How to Change Chords Smoothly

And many more.

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that will teach you in the first module the 13 essential campfire chords. Which includes;

  • C major open chord
  • A major open chord
  • A minor open chord
  • G major open chord
  • E major open chord

And, 8 more other chords. As the course in this first module progresses, you’ll learn to bring all of these 13 chords together and produce an amazing campfire song.

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 6. Andy Guitar (Beginner Course)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that Andy, the instructor will talk you through the basics of guitar classes. Andy will be guiding you through this process, one step at a time, you’ll be learning the basic chords and basic song theories.

Further, this course has interactive TAB, which will enable you to hear what Andy is playing and you can play along as well. There are 63 detailed, beginners lesson videos, where you’ll be learning lessons, such as;

  • Guitar anatomy and essential Knowledge
  • Simple Guide To Guitar Amp Controls
  • Open String Names
  • play_circle_outline
  • 11lock_outline
  • Improve your rhythm and timing with a Metronome
  • lock_outline
  • How to Play Guitar Standing Up

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that the class is divided into 7 levels. Once you’re done with these 63 powerful guitar lessons you’ll be well-equipped for a higher guitar level.

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7. Guitar Tricks (Beginners and Pros)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that have both beginner and professional lessons all in one place. The beginner’s lesson starts with guitar fundamentals, where your instructor will start by motivating you in some professional way to start playing.

Each course in the beginners class is divided into chapters, and the first course, guitar fundamentals 1, has 6 chapters. Chapter 1 will be taking you through learning the names of strings and then how you can tune your guitar.

Chapter 2 will be walking you through the basics of rhythm, then the last chapter will engage you on “Trouble Shooting.” That is, you’ll be enlightened on the most common issues that most beginner guitarists face including finger pain and proper posture.

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that your instructor provided recommended song for each chapter.

For the professional level or the experience level, you’ll be learning how to express your feelings directly through guitar through the “Blues Style” lesson. 

The “blues Style” lesson will introduce you to 12 bar blues, and this “12 bar blues” will be the major style you’ll be using throughout the “blues Style” lesson. So do your best to learn its basics first.

The professional level will also introduce you to the “country style,” “rock style,” and “acoustic style.” However, you need to register to get access to the free version and you need to pay a little dollar to get access to all of Guitar Tricks’ classes.

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8. GuitarJamz (Beginners)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that have lots of YouTube guitar videos for beginners. Your instructor, Marty Schwartz, is a very patient dude that is ready to wait for you to learn at your pace. 

His Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Your First Guitar Lesson – Want to Learn Guitar- Acoustic,” has been watched by 15 million people. To tell you how good his lessons are, and, I encourage you to start with that lesson.

I love how he encouraged advanced students to watch the video, he said “even if you’re an advanced student, you can still learn to teach this lesson to another person.” And that’s absolutely true, sometimes, advanced guitarists don’t know how to teach what they know to another person.

In addition, if you’ve learned through the class and want to attempt your strumming level; play around with what you learned, Marty created a rhythm series too. That takes patience with helping you improve better.

All you just have to do is register with your email and get access to 15-video strumming series.

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9. Your Guitar Academy (Beginners and Pros)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that is divided into 8 categories. Where you’ll start with the Guitar 101 lesson.

“Guitar 101” will teach you all you need it know about becoming a complete guitarist, that is, moving from basics to advanced guitarist. There are lots of lessons in this class, you’ll see “the basics,” where you’ll be introduced to guitar fundamentals.

Furthermore, there are the “Acoustic Beginners,” “Electric Beginners,” and “Lead Guitar Beginners.” Then you’ll advance to “Electric Intermediates,” “Lead Guitar Intermediates,” “Electric Blues Essentials,” and “Acoustic FingerStyle.”

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that the next category exposes you to play like legendary guitarists. Get ready to indulge in lots of guitar lessons from this course.

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10. Learn 13 Free Guitar Lessons Including Chords, Scales, and Songs (Mixed)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that was provided by Fender Play. This course has a lesson for any level of guitarist.

Whether you’re contemplating if you can learn to play guitar, or you’re just kick-starting your lesson on guitar. Or you have moved from beginners to intermediate or you’re now a pro guitarist (but want to learn more), Fender Play got your back.

You’ll learn how to both play your favorite songs and compose your own tune. You can choose to start with learning some beginner chords and or even guitar scales.

You’ll be practicing with some great songs like 

  • “She Loves You” by The Beatles
  • “American Idiot” by Green Day 
  • “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5.

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11. Learn Practical Guitar Online (All Levels)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that is offered by Austin Peay State University through Shaw Academy. It’s an 8-week class that has 16 lessons and assessments.

You’ll be getting certification after the completion of this course. You’ll be learning how to reading guitar tabs, how to play classical guitar, how to write music, and many more.

However, it is only free for the first 4 weeks, to complete the remaining 4 weeks, will require a payment which will also give you access to the certificate.

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12. Free Online Worship Guitar Lessons | Acoustic (All Levels)

This is one of the free online guitar lessons that are exclusively for students that want to focus on worship songs or want to learn worship song guitar style. In these worship courses, you can choose to learn “easy beginner guitar lesson: the cadd9 chord,” or “Intermediate Substitute chords and tricks in C.”

You can even choose to play some great worship songs like;

  • “Lead me to the cross” by Hillsong
  • “The Power of the Cross” by Kristyn Getty.

For you to be able to learn how to play these great songs, you need to be at least an intermediate guitarist.

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How can I learn guitar by myself?

 These free online guitar lessons are the best place to start learning guitar on your own. You can follow the steps in the videos and implement them on your own. 

Sometimes it’s better to teach yourself guitar than to hire a professional guitarist. Because a study found out that, most professional guitarists know how to play guitar but are not interested to learn our to impactfully teach what they know to others. 

What should you learn first on guitar?

You should start by learning the fundamentals, the basics. That is, how to hold a guitar, parts of the guitar, and others.

Can I learn guitar online for free?

Yes, and we provided an amazing 12 free online guitar lessons that you can start and finish without paying a dime.

How long does it take to learn guitar online?

It depends on your pace and your commitment to learning online. One of the disadvantages of online classes is a lack of self-discipline, you need to push yourself harder to come back over and over again to learn guitar online.

Which guitar is best for beginners?

Here are some guitars that are recommended for beginners

  • Yamaha’s FG800
  • Taylor GS Mini
  • Epiphone Hummingbird Pro
  • Martin LX1E Little Martin
  • Seagull S6