9 Free Online hospitality Management Courses With Certificates

In this blog post, you will find relevant information about free online hospitality management courses with certificates, what exactly hospitality management is, where you can work with a certificate of these courses, and what it will require you to take free hospitality management courses online.

For one to become an effective manager, there are some managemental skills that he or she must possess. This includes interpersonal skills, such as communication and motivation, organization and delegation planning and strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, commercial awareness skills e.t.c.

These skills can’t be acquired without formal education, this is to say that education is very important if you wish to become a professional in your career and attain the highest possible offices, you need to demonstrate your ambition and zeal  Precisely where free online hospitality management courses with certificates could help.

Every business type has its own unique needs and customer preferences. Whereas commercial businesses focus primarily on selling products, it could be said that hospitality revolves around selling services, experiences, and enjoyment.

A hospitality manager job is unlike low stressful jobs and poses numerous physical demands such as working long hours and being on your feet for long periods attending to customers. You can check out time management tips to learn how you can effectively manage your time.

It’s good to have an idea of which field you would like to specialize in before you start applying for hospitality manager jobs. So, carefully go through the free online hospitality management courses with certificates and enroll in the course(s) that best suit your chosen area of specialization.

What Is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management is a career path that typically involves overseeing the everyday administrative, operational, and commercial tasks of businesses like hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, casinos, amusement parks, and several other related businesses.

From the big hotel lines to the smallest corner stores, they are all part of the hospitality industry. Professionals in this field create and run a much more extensive range of roles and responsibilities that ensure the best pleasurable guest experience.

The primary goal of hospitality management is to ensure every guest enjoys the same flawless experience from start to end.

Most times, hospitality management, and hotel management are considered the same. The major difference between hospitality management and hotel management is seen in their range of activities. Hospitality management covers everything that has to do with the hospitality industry while hotel management is only limited to hotel services.

Where Can I Work With A Certificate In Hospitality Management?

The main kinds of places in which hospitality managers often work include hotels, motels, resorts, convention centers, and restaurants. Although, you can find hospitality managers working in casinos, private transportation, retails, food and beverage, and more.

A wide range of different sectors are covered by hospitality management, so the job opportunities are plenty. Below is a list of some jobs you can get with an online hospitality management certificate.

  • Front Office Manager
  • Directors of Housekeeping
  • Sommelier 
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Catering Assistant 
  • Sous Chef
  • Travel Agent 
  • Tour Guide
  • Marketing and Public Relations 

Benefits of Taking Free Online Hospitality Management Courses

Free online courses in hospitality management with certificates have several benefits, but here, we listed the most significant advantages of learning these courses.

There are many benefits to learning online, but the more important ones are:

  1. Access to More Information:

    Studying courses online gives learners the freedom to learn from different sites, tutors e.t.c, thereby having more information than that which is contained in a book.

  2. Opportunity to work a Job While You Study:

    With free online hospitality management courses with certificates, students can able to combine learning with work, and raising their families.

  3. Ultimate Convenience and Flexibility:

    Learning online does not require learners to attend physical classes, thereby giving learners the opportunity to stay anywhere and take lectures. This relieves learners of the inconveniences that come with going and returning from classrooms.

  4. Low Education Cost:

    Studying free online hospitality management courses with certificates relieves you of spending on books, transport, learning fees, rents e.t.c

  5. More Opportunities for Teacher-student Interaction:

    Learners have a better chance of interacting with their teachers/tutors online unlike in a physical classroom where the learners get to interact with teachers only when they are physically present.

  6. Self Paced Learning:

    Learners have different learning paces and abilities which are mostly not recognized by their classroom teachers, but studying online gives learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace. They only move over to the next course when they fully understand the present one.

  7. Greater access to experts in this field.

  8. Greater ability to concentrate:

    University of California psychologist Jonathan Schooler found that students get distracted about 5 times in a 45-minute class session. In online programs, however, students can review words from professors instantly, either by rewinding the audio or video or by reading the transcript that accompanies the lecture.

  9. Study with other learners from all over the world:

    Learners get the opportunity to study with learners from different countries of the world rather than being subjected to a limited geographical area.

  10. Reduced academic pressure:

    Since learning is free and online, learners are safe from the pressures and inconveniences that are posed by the classroom, or its environs.

  11. Recognization of all learning styles:

    There are different types of learning styles that learners indulge in, it could be visual learning, audio learning, tactile learning, or reading and writing learning. Online learning covers these learning styles, thereby being the best option for learners whose learning styles do not fit into classroom learning.

  12. Build self-discipline and accountability

  13. Improve communication skills

Requirements to take hospitality management courses online for free.

Before enrolling in a free online course, there are some requirements you should meet. These include;

  • A working smartphone or computer: you need to have a good working smartphone or computer for accessing the internet.
  • Reliable internet access: online courses need to be done online. Due to this, it’s vital to have a strong internet connection so you can keep up with your work.
  • Time management: you need to be good at time management for you to be able to create time for learning online.
  • Good Communication skills: this is very essential for proper interaction with other learners.

Free Online Hospitality Management Courses With Certificates

Hospitality management is among the top rising industries in the world, specifically, in the Western Region. This also means that more people are being employed in this fast-growing industry.

There are some skills and certifications that are being required of employees, and this serves as a criterion for employment. Having these skills and certificates shows your employer that you are educated and trained, therefore, are capable of handling a job.

The question now is “how do I get certified in this field”? Getting a certificate in hospitality management requires you to at least study a course or course in this field.

Well, we have helped you by bringing to your doorstep these free online hospitality management courses with certificates that you can enroll in for the acquisition of the aforementioned qualifications.

Take a look at the courses below.

  • Food and Beverage Services
  • The Basics of Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Introduction to Alcoholic Spirits
  • Finance and Cash Management
  • Profit Analyzation and Maximization
  • Introduction to Hospitality Management Studies
  • Events Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Introductory Course on Wine

Food and Beverage Services

Food and beverage serving is on the frontline of customer service in restaurants, cafeterias, e.t.c. people who work here take customers’ food and drink orders and serve them. this course is one of the most enrolled free online hospitality management courses with certificates.

In this course, you will be introduced to the functions, operations, and organization of the food and beverage department in the hospitality industry. This course also provides information on service principles, menu design and objectives, and restaurant layout and design considerations. You will also look into the organization and key duties of restaurant staff.
This course is offered at Alison.com

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The Basics of Food Safety and Hygiene

Food safety is a set of practices and procedures required by law to prepare, handle, and store food and prevent food-borne illness and injury.

This food safety certificate includes essential details for anyone who works in the food industry and is designed to help you understand food safety procedures, identify potential hazards, and become familiar with what the law requires from you as a business owner or employee to prevent harm to consumers.

In this free online course, learn about food safety protocols and what is required by law to prevent food-borne illness.
The course is offered at Alison.com

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Introduction to Alcoholic Spirits

Cocktails, production techniques, aging processes, and more are covered in this fascinating course on alcoholic spirits.

This free online course in spirits and distillation outlines the definition of ‘spirits’, their unique manufacturing process, the raw materials required to produce various types, and their aging processes.

You will study the industry-specific terms used in the hospitality arena, specialist bartending gear, and liquor-related equipment. The course also explains various blends of classic and other cocktails.
The course is offered at Alison.com

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Finance and Cash Management

Learn how to manage costs and other financial commitments in the hospitality business with this free online course.

This free online course will help you build competencies in financial and cost management for hospitality businesses. You will learn why a budget plan is necessary for hospitality businesses and what factors to consider.

Finally, the course will provide you with hands-on lessons on how to efficiently draw up a budget plan for the different operational aspects of running a hospitality business.
The course is offered at Alison.com

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Profit Analyzation and Maximization

This free online hospitality management course teaches you how to successfully analyze and maximize your restaurant’s profitability. You will learn that success in running a restaurant involves factors such as the ability to maximize seat occupancy and control beverage and food costs.

Learn revenue and cost analysis skills essential in achieving the objectives of maximum profitability while still maintaining the quality of service and food.
This course is offered at Alison.com

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Introduction to Hospitality Management Courses

Learn the key principles, concepts, and skills required in hospitality management with this free online course.

This free online hospitality management course will improve your understanding of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Working in hospitality or tourism you will meet people from all walks of life, and work with a broad range of professionals from other, interrelated industries. By the end of this free online course, you will have a clear understanding of the different career opportunities available in hospitality.

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Events Management

This free course introduces you to the basic concepts of customer service and the skills required to manage events.

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Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

Learn about the exciting career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries with this free online course

This is among the free online hospitality management courses with certificates that will coach you through the career opportunities that await qualified individuals who are interested in tourism or hospitality management. These sectors are of great importance in the modern economy of many countries and regions around the world, generating over one trillion dollars in revenue annually.
By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of the workings of tourism and hospitality, so why wait?

Introductory Courses on Wine

Learn the most up-to-date techniques of wine preparation, blending, and storage with this free online course.

This free online wine course is for people who desire to acquire a basic knowledge of wine production, blending, and storage. It will introduce you to the anatomy of a grape, the grape varieties, the fermentation process, and the different classifications of the end product.
The course explains the terminology used in the wine industry and the correct temperature range in which one should store this beverage to maintain the best flavor.

The free online hospitality management courses with certificates that we listed above are free to enroll, study, and complete, but you need to achieve 80% or higher in each course assessment to successfully complete the course.

Alison offers 3 types of certificates for completed courses, the types include; digital certificates, physical certificates, and framed physical certificates, but these certificates are purchased through the Alison Shop.

Free Online Hospitality Management Courses with Certificates – FAQs

Can I Get A Valid Hospitality Management Certificate Online?

Yes, you can get a valid certificate online once you have met the criteria outlined for getting a course certificate. You can scroll up and check out the free online hospitality management courses with certificates that we provided, and get to know how you can get a valid certificate in any of the courses.

Is Hospitality Management A Good Career?

The hospitality industry has so much more to offer than working in operations, especially for those who stay in the business after their first jobs. There is a lot of variety, a lot of exploring, and a lot of new hurdles.

Hospitality is one of the best areas to work in, and it pays considerably well too. If you intend to take up a hospitality management course, go right ahead and do it. This industry yields a large number of income and jobs, which has an indisputable effect on the global market as well as the job rate.

Which Country is the Best for Hospitality Course?

According to the various popular rankings of the best hospitality training institutes, the following countries are best for the study of Hospitality Management:

Hong Kong