Guide to studying in the UK in Leicester

So you’re considering studying in Leicester. This diverse and fun city packs in all the perks of a big city into a smaller size, bringing the benefits of more green spaces. It’s also set right in the heart of England, you’d struggle to get a more central location. 

Home to two major universities, the city boasts a large student population. Acclaimed for its research and ever-growing prestige, De Montfort University is the first of these. Set next to the city center, this urban campus has recently undergone a huge regeneration project to bring state-of-the-art educational facilities to its students. 

The second university, the University of Leicester, is also the younger of the pair, founded in 1921. Despite its age, the university is very high-performing and currently 27th in the UK according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. 

Whichever university you choose to study with, Leicester is a great place to live your best student life. Here’s what to look out for during your time there.

Friendly Faces

Despite its compact size, Leicester boasts some of the UK’s most diverse communities. This means you’ll be part of a real melting pot of culture, arts and cuisines from around the world. 

Whether that’s Leicester’s iconic Diwali celebrations (which are the biggest outside of India!) or Europe’s largest outdoor market, Leicester Market, which has been a hub of British and world food and other goods for the past 800 years. Consistently rated as one of the country’s friendliest cities, you’ll feel right at home in Leicester. 


Two of the UK’s premier sports teams call Leicester home. The city’s own Leicester Tigers was formed over a hundred years ago and continue to make a name for themselves as one of the world’s best Rugby Union teams.

In football, Leicester City Football Club has also enjoyed many successes, including numerous First Division victories. Football legend Gary Lineker’s family also had a fruit and veg stall at Leicester Market! 


At over 2,000 years old, Leicester is one of the oldest cities in the UK. Steeped in history, this ancient iron-age settlement was first documented when discovered by the Romans around 100 BC. Any budding historians and archaeologists doubtlessly drawn to the nearby ‘Burrough on the Hill’, an archaic hillfort founded at a similar time. 

More recently, Leicester hit the news as medieval King Richard III’s body was discovered buried under a car park in the city center, after being struck down at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. 


When you’re finished delving into the culture and history of the region, you’ll probably want to blow off some steam in Leicester’s many nighttime establishments. Students have the added benefit of great Student Unions, where you can head for a casual night out amongst your peers and enjoy affordable drinks. 

Further, into the city, you’ll find a host of pubs and clubs, all a conveniently short walk away from each other. This includes regular student hotspots, such as the Club Republic, MOSH, and Club Helsinki. 

Easy transport

University is a great time to get out and explore the world for yourself. Whether you’re an international student looking to see the best of the UK or a British student looking for easy options to visit home and friends, Leicester has an abundance of options. Its ideal location means it’s easy and affordable access by rail, air and road. 

If you’re excited to begin your student experience in the city, be sure to check out our student accommodation in Leicester close to major transport links and local amenities