How Easy Is It to Find Online Maths Tutors?

Are you thinking about hiring a maths tutor for your child? This is beneficial before exams so that they can feel confident with tricky topics and gain a positive perspective when it comes to this subject. Indeed, working one-to-one with a tutor is a good way to use new approaches and build a solid foundation moving forward with maths. It is a subject that your child will need to take for many years at school. 

You are probably happy to hire a maths tutor. But, you may not know where to begin your search. Should you ask other parents or inform the school of your decision? Well, you can actually start by searching for an online maths tutor. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this.

Is It Easy to Select an Online Maths Tutor?

One great educational platform to find online maths tutors is Plainmath. Choosing a maths tutor can seem difficult if you have never done it before. But the internet is going to make this task a lot easier. You are suddenly going to have a lot of options for your child, which can include online lessons so that they do not have to travel. Plus, if you have no local tutors, this is a great alternative so your child does not have to miss out. You can hire one from any location if the lessons are going to be online.

So, the answer is yes; it is easy to find online maths tutors. But you need to know the best ways to do this. This includes taking your time and making sure that you read about someone before hiring them. It all starts with using a reliable educational platform.

Tips to Find the Right Maths Tutor

Here are some further tips to help you find the right maths tutor.

Look at The Levels They Teach

There are different maths stages that your child might be tackling. For example, they could be at KS3 level or they could be taking on their A Level exams. Either way, you need to make sure that the tutor offers help with this stage in your child’s school experience.

Often, they will outline their experience and the levels they are able to teach. Examine them carefully before contacting them. This will save you time and make sure that your child gets the assistance they need.

Consider the Years of Teaching

Yes, you want to ensure that the maths tutor has the knowledge to teach at a certain level. But, you also need to know that they have some experience in how to communicate with students and really teach them the topics. This is something that is not easy and not everyone will be able to do it in a fun and engaging way.

So, you can read about the tutor and see how long they have been teaching for. If this has been years, this can be a good sign and show they have successfully taught a number of other students.

Find Their Availability

Often, educational platforms will provide you with information on the tutor’s availability. In other words, the days and times they are able to teach your child. This is something you want to consider ahead of hiring them. For example, if your child has a narrow schedule of when they can complete lessons, you will have to ensure that this professional is able to accommodate them.

Ensure There is an Enhanced DBS Check

You want to ensure that your child is safe when they are being tutored. Indeed, this is often a concern for parents when they are doing everything online. Thankfully, a lot of good educational platforms will carry out enhanced DBS checks for you. This ensures that the tutor is professional and trustworthy.

So, when you are looking for someone to hire, ensure that this has already been done. It will give you peace of mind and you can know that your child will be safe during the lessons. This should be visible on the tutor’s profile so you can see it ahead of time.

Read Testimonials

When you use reliable educational platforms to find a tutor, they are going to provide you with a range of useful information. This can include testimonials from previous students and a star rating. You should acknowledge these before you hire a tutor.

For example, if someone has a lot of negative testimonials, this is not a good sign and you may want to find another professional. Alternatively, if they have excellent testimonials, this can give you peace of mind when you hire them.

Make Communication

Often, you are going to have the ability to message a tutor before a lesson. It can be a good idea to do this so that you can see how they communicate with you. After all, it is not going to give you a good impression if they take days to respond and give you short answers. You want to feel like they want to teach you and be helpful. So, send them a message and see what type of response you get. Of course, if you like their response, you can go ahead with a lesson.