How Important Is The Conversation Between Teachers And Parents?

You must have come across the schedule given to you many times for the monthly meeting of Parents with the teachers at your school. Many students and even some parents do not understand the importance of that meet and take are usual and can be avoided. But, instead, this is one of the most important things.

Parents ultimately have more control and guardianship over any students than the level of guardianship of teachers, which makes it more important for the parents to know more about their student’s behavioral and academic aspects, which they can learn only from the teachers or mentors. 

It is not easy the other way around and is equally challenging for the teacher to contact or phone every parent after spending the whole day working. A teacher also is solely responsible for all the grading and lesson planning essential for the students. 

However, the present-day learning model, which is more of a hybrid in nature, eases the work as technology can handle much of the other aspects that traditionally teachers have to do manually. 

Online classroom, however, save them time and help a teacher plan better and check whether the online education management technology upgrades the grades. 

Importance of Communication

Communicating with parents is an essential component of the learning experience for all the education models, be it Offline, classroom-based, or different online teaching sites in India or Hybrid. 

It has been evident through the records that when there are multiple people involved in a student’s learning, the success of that individual is a must, and nothing can stop them. 

It so will happen with trust and open lines of communication. 

Communication is the foundation of a parent’s relationship with their child’s teacher, educator, or mentor. It is on the teachers more to find effective and efficient ways that should be creative enough as well to establish the desired communication. 

For doing so, there are various tools and techniques now available for the benefit of the purpose and f

The two-way communication for both parties is essential to know the student’s overall academic and behavioral or social development. 

With the involvement of parents’ support, the school culture is overall advanced. 

How can the communication take place?

There are various methods through which it can be made possible, that is, through leveraging technology, class websites, text messages, and phone calls. Earlier in-person meetings were also among the many such methods. Still, with the onset of pandemics and social gatherings being shut, it is practically impossible to arrange a meeting in person. 

Open communication lines allow teachers to share excellent and constructive reports with the families, and the other side will be more engaged in school.

Strategies to build parent-teacher communication

Various strategies could be adopted to do so. 

Few are listed below-

  • Verbal and written communication

The thing we discussed for phone calls and text messages could be holding parent-teacher conferences, association groups, and other ways possible. 

  • Digital communication 

Communication tools and applications developed that can share the reports of the students as soon as it released by both parties. Recording a podcast also will do good when parents use the audio platform to know about their child’s grades, class projects, and homework. The podcast also would be beneficial as it would contain announcements and updates on every developmental work done by the student.

Suppose a student is facing challenges or difficulties and is hesitant to share that. In that case, teachers and parents can altogether help that individual come out of the situation with flying colors and make sure of the communication strategy to positively impact the students’ learning.

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