How to Edit PDF Documents for Free

You need an effective solution to edit a PDF document without messing with the formatting of your file. Unfortunately, editing a PDF is not as simple as editing a text or document file. The reason is quite simple as PDF comes with protected editing and requires better technology to edit it.

In this article, we will share how you can edit a PDF without spending a single dollar. The process is quite easy, and you won’t need to learn any editing skills.

So let’s start with the tool that lets you edit a PDF online.

Edit PDF Documents for Free


CocoDoc is the most trusted platform to edit a PDF document without any editing skills. The platform offers different solutions where you can edit any file by simply uploading it. You do not need to do anything manually other than choosing the action you want to perform on your file.

We trust this platform because it works with encrypted servers and provides much better service than some leading PDF editors. Another reason to choose this platform is its 14-day trial that lets you access premium services for free.

The registration on this platform is optional, and you get two free trials without even creating an account. Thus, you can perform one-time editing by skipping all the other steps.

Let’s hurry and find out how to edit PDF documents with this tool.

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Editing a File With CocoDoc

Follow these easy steps to edit any PDF with this tool.

Step1: Access The Tool

CocoDoc offers hundreds of editing tools such as PDF editor, PDF converter, PDF eSign, PDF compressor, and PDF merger. Therefore, you need to choose the tool that you need. If you want to perform some basic editing like adding or removing something from your PDF, you can do it using the PDF editor at the top of the homepage of its website.

A single click on the tool will take you to the required tool.

Step2: Upload Your File

The next step is to upload the file on the tool. You can do it by clicking Choose File button. It offers you different ways to upload your file. For example, uploading files from Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox is easier by adding these accounts to your CocoDoc account.

Step3: Make Changes

In this step, you can make all the changes you want using the available tools with the PDF editor. For example, it will let you add any type of text, image, illustration, checklist, or some other type of graphics. Similarly, you can remove any part of your PDF using the same tools. 

However, if you are using a  PDF converter or merger tool, you need to upload the file and click Continue button. Then, the tool will do all the work automatically.

 Step4: Download

The last step is to save the file on your system. For this, you need to click Download button, and it will start downloading the file. You can also keep the file on your CocoDoc account by choosing the CocoDoc storage option from the drop-down menu.

Famous Editing Tools Offered by CocoDoc

Here’s everything you can do with your PDF with CocoDoc:

PDF eSign

PDF eSign lets you sign any document by uploading your signature. You can also do it directly with the touch screen of your device. The tool is quite effective and provides complete security from signature tempering.

PDF Converters

It has all PDF converters that let you convert your file in any file format you want. Similarly, you can convert any other file into a PDF as well.

PDF Merger

The PDF merging tool allows you to merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF document. You can also manage the page numbers of the final document to create a flawless document.

PDF Form Filler

The tool is quite useful as it lets you fill any PDF form without editing it manually. All you need is to upload the file and start filling it with this tool.

Final Words

Editing a PDF is quite easy when you are backed with a reliable platform. CocoDoc does that job for you by providing some advanced editing tools. In addition, the platform is free to use and does not require any registration. 

You can check out its website to learn more about its tools.