How to Excel in Tertiary Education When You Lead a Busy Lifestyle

When you want to get ahead in life, you might consider formal education to gain a qualification and start a new career or further your current one. While this may seem straightforward, that’s not always the case. 

Many people have obligations like jobs to pay their bills and children to care for. As a result, tertiary education can be the farthest thing from their minds as they’re trying to manage the intricacies of each day. 

If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering how you could navigate both life and study to set you up for success. Here are some tips that may be helpful. 

Enroll in an Online Program

Many outstanding and well-respected universities and colleges offer online programs, such as an online masters of education. These programs provide the same opportunities as many in-person classes but with flexibility to study from anywhere. 

The online masters of education, in particular, is a form of accelerated learning for teachers to continue teaching but use their free time to advance their careers and improve their prospects. Learning online when working full-time can be a much less stressful option for many people. 

Communicate With Your Tutors

Whether you have work commitments, children, appointments, health concerns, or something else, you can still excel in tertiary education if you manage these challenges appropriately.

Rather than struggling with deadlines and possibly even missing them, talk to your tutors and teachers and request deadline extensions if you need to. It may surprise you to learn that educational institutions want you to succeed as much as you do, even if that means you’re a few days late submitting an essay

Get Support From Loved Ones

Advancing your career with tertiary education can set you up for success in life, but it can take more than enrolling in a reputable university to get you there. When you need time to work on assignments or attend an in-person class, rely on your friends and family who will likely be happy to help. 

They may be able to assist with babysitting duties and possibly even money loans if you’re worried about managing your debt levels as you progress through your study. 

Change Your Work Hours

If you’re in a position to do so, consider changing your working hours if it would make your ability to enroll in tertiary education that much easier. For example, you might prefer to study during the day and work at night or work during the day and study at night. Sometimes, a slight adjustment in your schedule can make a world of difference to how you succeed in your studies. 

Focus On Your Health and Well-Being

When you’re trying to balance work and study, you may have concerns about burning yourself out. Burnout can be a genuine concern, so it can be crucial to set boundaries early on to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

Take frequent breaks, make time for friends and family, and eat a healthy diet filled with plenty of brain food. When your body and mind are healthy, you may be better equipped to deal with the demands of your day. 

It’s entirely possible to succeed in studying, even when leading a hectic lifestyle. Consider enrolling in online study, asking for help, and looking after your mind and body as much as possible.