How to Read Someones’ Text Messages without Target Phone?

Text messaging is a part of everyone’s life now. That is why you must have heard about hundreds of text monitoring applications by now. Unfortunately, most of these applications never work.

But today, you’ll know how to read someone’s texts with genuine phone monitoring applications. Also, you can learn how to use it to get into any device and read their messages. 

So let’s get this article started with some basics about Phone Monitoring.

What is Phone Monitoring?

Phone Monitoring is used to track any modern smartphone and to monitor its activities online. It is done by installing a setup on the targeted device. There are a lot of applications to monitor someone’s device. 

However, here is our first choice for phone monitoring activities.


Safespy is the application that we are talking about. It is an awesome phone monitoring app with lots of advanced features. It is trusted by millions of users and has great customer ratings. The application comes with a simple but powerful layout. Everything is specified in a very simple way. 

Safespy allows you to get into any smartphone. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, you can track its activities easily. However, this app is not limited to text monitoring as other options can show you some more data from that smartphone.

The best thing is that no one can find out that their phone is being monitored. And if you’re concerned about the targeted device’s data, then don’t. Safespy provides a secure phone monitoring experience and the data never leaves your account. 

Advanced Features of Safespy

Let us talk about some most-used advanced features of Safespy. However, there are a lot more features than we’ve shown here. You can check all of them on the official website.

  • Spy on Messages: This is the feature that will help you monitor someone’s text messages. That’s why we’ve put this one on the first spot. Spy on Messages will allow you to read all of their text messages on your screen. It contains complete information of messages, like sender address and date. So that you won’t miss out on any details. It is so easy to use and works great for both beginners as well as experts.
  • Location Tracker: Here is another great feature by Safespy. It allows you to monitor their location from time to time. It shows the real-time location with an accuracy of upto 1 meter. Additionally, you can see their location with satellite as well as in 3D view. This way, you will be able to focus much better.
  • Spy on WhatsApp: Next, we have WhatsApp spy. It is one of the most used features as almost every person uses WhatsApp. So it is a great idea to know about the targeted device by monitoring their WhatsApp. It allows you to see all the media shared, call logs, messages, and much more about their WhatsApp.
  •  Stealth Mode: Last but not least, we have the Stealth Mode. it is one of the most advanced features on Safespy. People love using this feature as it hides you from everyone. The targeted device won’t be able to find out about you and your data will be safe.

How to Monitor With Safespy Application

Here comes the part you would be waiting for. Now you’ll get to know the whole process to start to monitor any smartphone and read their text messages. We’ll cover the process from scratch to the end in some simple steps:

Step1: Create an Account

First, you would create an account on the official website of Safespy to get things started. Just click on sign up and add your name, E-mail, and password. You need to create a strong password to have better security. And your account will be ready to go! Now let’s see the second step.

Step2: Subscribe to a membership

In this step, you will need to choose any of their memberships for your account. Their memberships are for different types of users. It ranges from basic membership to corporate which provides more features than the last one.

Another difference is that advanced memberships allow you to monitor more than one smartphone at a time. While the basic one will allow you to monitor only one smartphone at a time. So it depends on your needs.

Step3: Verify the Device

This step may sound a bit challenging to new users. For this, two different guides cover Android and iPhone devices:

If you want to target an Android smartphone, you need to find the setup from the installation guide and install it on the device. It will take all the permissions and start uploading the data to the server. The whole process takes place in the background and the user can not find out about it.

If the targeted device is an iPhone, you need to connect its iCloud account with your Safespy account. After completing the process, you can start monitoring the device using the features available in the next step.

Step4: Start Monitoring

There is no longer a step left you need to follow now! You can go back to your account and start monitoring. Open the features section from the menu and you would be able to see all the features of Safespy like Location, messages, apps, call logs, and much more.

Now click on the Spy on Messages feature and all of their received and sent messages will be right in front of you.

Final Words

We can conclude that Safespy is an excellent platform to read someone’s text messages online.

After reading the above installation guide, you can track any smartphone’s text messages online. Refer to the youtube videos on its website to watch every step of the installation guide. If you still face any issues, you can contact their customer support to get a reliable solution.

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