The Text Logo: What It Is and How To Do

About thirty percent of modern companies use the text type of the logo. Such emblems are distinguished by the presence of only a text component (without images). In this article, you will learn what a text logo is and how to create one using the Turbologo online designer.

What is a text logo?

This type of representation of the company name may seem like a fairly simple way to implement, it may be easier to just type your company name in any text editor, choose the font you like and say that this is your logo.

The text logo is initially selected from the fonts available on the computer or in the database, one or more combined in one logo, then the font is converted into curves, this is done in specialized vector graphics programs, in which the necessary improvements are further made.

Sometimes small changes in the standard text are enough to give the inscription originality and make an original and memorable text logo.

A text logo is ideal for companies that want to impress their customers, because a text logo is a symbol of restraint, style and minimalism.

Recently, more and more companies have resorted to the method of creating a brand name without a graphic image, as it is easier, cheaper and faster.

Almost always, such logos are accompanied by black or white colors, as if continuing the line of their restraint and rigor.

How to make a text logo

Logo by mase


Turbologo offers many ideas for creating text logos. Choose from customizable templates and release your inspiration to design a text logo to suit your needs. With the text logo editor, it’s easier than ever to enjoy unparalleled quality and design possibilities.

Text Templates by Turbologo

Get inspired with our collection of text logo templates. Build your branding based on them or create a text logo from scratch. Access to the Turbologo logo design ideas library is free. Simply select a text icon and matching colors and see different text logo options.

Once you’ve finalized a logo you’ll be proud of, download the logo vector image with text.

Creation Tips

Since the main design elements of text logos is font, it is very important to pay special attention to his choice.

How to choose a font?

Fonts by Riley Cran

One of the key components of a good (and even bad) logo is His Majesty the Font. It is he who conveys the message from the brand to the consumer.

What are these “cherished letters”?

There are fonts that have so-called “serifs”

In a galaxy of professional designers, there is a belief that a notched font helps keep attention on the line. The key characteristic of such a font is the transition from thicker lines to thin ones.

Sans Serif – Sans Serif

As if to counterbalance them, fonts that do not have serifs are created, which, nevertheless, gives them their attractiveness. Take a look at this aesthetic of right angles, clear, clean lines. She has the right to exist!

Where would such a font fit? Everywhere! Most global brands use a sans-serif font in their logo. It can not be replaced where it is required to emphasize and put the element of business style at the forefront.

Handwritten fonts

What about handwritten fonts? Everything is complicated here. On the one hand, they can pedal the special “humanity” of the brand, on the other hand, it is the handwritten font that sometimes declares elegance and luxury. For example Cadillac. Doesn’t it look like a stylish painting of a millionaire who does not care at all whether his surname is read or not?

Decorative font

And, finally, a decorative font, with its truly inexhaustible possibilities. There are millions of variations of decorative fonts. And the shades of the impression made on the potential consumer are no less.

With the help of a logo with such a font, with the right approach, you can easily stand out from the competition. What would you like to see in the logo? Fun or romance? Solemnity or a pinch of pathos? Historical component or aggressive hi-tech?

That’s all! Use our tips and you will definitely succeed in creating a great text logo. Good luck!