Who Is An International Student -See All You Need To Know

An international student is generally any student studying in a country of which he or she is not a resident of. If you apply to study in a country outside your country of origin, then you are considered as an international student in your host country.

Who Is An International Student -See All You Need To Know

Having explained who an international student is above, I would like to throw more light on my explanation in as much as I know it is quite understandable.

Here at Study Abroad Nations, we handle mostly cases regarding students who wants to study abroad and these students are generally known as international students.

When a students is studying in his/her own country then the student is refereed to as a domestic student and domestic students are in most cases at more advantage in gaining admission compared to international student but the rate at which this happens has not generally been calculated.

International student have the opportunity to apply for numerous scholarship opportunities flying around the internet every now and then, these scholarship programs are responsible for a good number of international students comfortably studying outside their home countries at the moment.

In some countries, international students are granted the opportunity to work while they school, maybe to support their education.

Crystal clear, there are some Colleges in America that are tuition free but students are to work for the school during their program time in place of their tuition fees. International students in schools like this work alongside the domestic students and enjoy the tuition free privilege as much as the domestic students too.

Many universities like the university of oxford opens scholarship opportunities for international students to study in their school and some of these universities/colleges offer fully funded scholarship while some other tuition wavers or partially funded scholarships. Some of the partially funded scholarships go as far as reducing the tuition fees by over 50%.

Havimg given all these details about international students, you can comfortable on your own answer another fellow who may ask ” who is an international student ?” Maybe earlier before now you might have given an answer you aren’t sure of but now, you are good to go!

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