Introduction to Computer Science

There are lots of things that computational devices do for us that we don’t even realize, maybe one of these sci-fi movies where there is no computer might help you to see the deep importance of computation. Through computation our planes fly, our cars move around, we’re able to communicate with anyone, able to use electricity, able to run businesses, and have changed how we see the world.

This course will be introducing you to Computation and Programming in Python, but the course will be going beyond that, it will be showing you how to use computation to solve life problems. So the course will focus on a practical approach to learning, that is, you won’t just be told what to do, you’ll be shown what to do.

This is an approximately 9-week course, with 14-16 hours per week, and since it is an introduction course, it will be helping those that have no skill in programming or Computer Science. After the course, you can now decide whether to further your career in computer or something related.


  1. Ola chamo-me João José Sitole, eu gostaria de aprimorar o meu conhecimento em informática, e gostaria bastante que me ajudassem a consolidar esse desejo

    1. Você pode fazer este curso introdutório, para começar. O link do aplicativo está logo acima.

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