Latvian Universities For International Students -Cost, Visa, Application

This article is fully about latvian universities for international students, the cost of studying in Latvia, reasons you may wish to study in Latvia, how to get students visa to study in latvia, masters and undergraduate programs in Latvia and short courses in Latvia.

Short courses are courses you can study at a short period of time in Latvia, many international students go for courses like this for some reasons best known to them.

Latvia is one out of the tens of countries that are most prefered by international students, there are a lot of agencies out there who offer services to students who want to study abroad in Latvia and these agencies from time to time get requests from clients who want to study abroad or want to help someone process documents to study in Latvia.

According to, Latvia universities compete in academics with the top universities in the US.

Reasons To Study In Latvia

There are many reasons why an international student choses the country he or she wants to study and these reasons are best selected by the applicant himself or by those sponsoring the student.

For international students, there are several reasons to study in latvian universities for international students, some of the reasons as listed in an article written by include;

  • Bachelor / Master/ Doctorate level Programs taught in English
  • Prestigious Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Government approved Universities
  • Exchange semester or internship abroad
  • Attractive Tuition Fee
  • On-campus accommodation provided
  • Moderate living costs (400 $/month)
  • Numerous opportunities for leisure activities and sports

Well, I can tell you that the list is inexhaustible, there are still oevr a thousand and one reasons a student may decide to study in Latvia, talk about the easy accessibility of the country by land, water and air; talk about the low cost of living, the hospitality, the popular courses offered et.c.

Latvia is also listed as one of the countries where you an study for free or on budget.

Like I always say, the reasons why you should study in a particular country should be determined by you; you have your right to choice, make it.

Latvian Universities For International Students

This is a list of some approved latvian universities for international students, they are relatively cheap and they also aid international students through the application process.

They, include:

  • Latvian Christian Academy
  • Vidzeme University Of Applied Science
  • The Art Academy of Latvia
  • Ventspils University College
  • Latvia Maritime Academy
  • Rezekne Academy of Technology
  • ISMA university College
  • Riga Graduate School of Law

There are several other latvian universities for international students that you can look out for, some of them are private universities why some are state owned universities but not withstanding which, all you need is a good univerity to acquire knowledge.

You can click here to view the full list of universities and colleges in Latvia.

How To Obtain Student Visa To Study In Latvia

To obtain a student visa to study in Latvia all you need is to have the basic requirements and then an access to a good Latvian study abroad agency in your country.

A study abroad agency would help you to overcome many challenges during your admission application and processing if you meet a good one.

You have to ensure that you meet up with the following requirements below to study in Latvia before ever applying for a student VISA.

Specific conditions for international students

  • International students can be admitted to higher education institutions provided that their accomplished secondary education meets the Latvian standard.
  • Academic degrees, qualifications and certificates acquired in another country are subject to evaluation by the Academic Information Centre.
  • The student’s chosen university/higher education institution will then decide on the recognition of the student’s submitted documents based on the statement of comparability issued by the AIC.
  • The evaluation of partial studies in higher education acquired abroad is done by the student’s chosen academic institution.
  • The university will assess which study program is the closest equivalent of the partial studies, how the applicant can continue their studies, or if necessary, what additional requirements must be met before the applicant can continue to pursue their studies in the program.

For Graduates who want to study in Latvia for masters, you can get the list of masters programs in Latvia form

Latvian is a good place to study, a country of just about 2million people with less buzz and more harmony. Looking up the list of latvian universities for international students may be the best thing that would happen to you.

You can check out the list of low tuition universities in latvia here






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