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Writing a quality essay is an essential aspect of college success. All students sooner or later have to write an essay on a specific topic for their teacher. Professors often praise those people who write unique articles and carefully study the issue. It is then easier for these students to complete the academic year because the professors trust them.

The skill of writing a high-quality and unique academic essay can be helpful to people in everyday life. Writing helps people structure their thoughts to express them more competently. It also trains the skill of effective communication with people while studying at the university or at work during conferences or negotiations.

A lot of people need to learn how to write good essays. This is not surprising – no one is born a great writer. However, this skill can be developed, and there are several ways to do it.

The first way is to take special writing courses. It is expensive and lengthy, and only sometimes can students combine additional education with the main one. The second way is to learn writing from your own mistakes. Sometimes students order essays from writing companies and constantly reading the correct spelling improves their writing skills. This article outlines the best writing companies to help students cope with a tough learning curve.

Top Essay Writer Websites

These essay writing services have gone through repeated quality checks. The companies described in the article below are top services that write various academic papers for students.

Each of these services is available to students and offers their services from $9.45 to $15 per page. Each essay website writer also has a privacy and refund policy.


Starting price: $9.95 per page

This service is an excellent option for students seeking help from writing services more than once. This company is engaged in writing essays and other types of academic papers. Both first-year and graduate students and doctors of sciences can apply here. Also, each client can join the local loyalty program on the site. The Rewards Club program helps customers earn up to 15% off their next order. Thus, the discount constantly grows every time a customer pays for a new order. The quality of the papers the company sends students is always excellent. Clients leave good reviews about the absence of plagiarism in creative essays and high originality in documents that contain citations.


Starting price: $12 per page

This site offers clients many features that help academic papers look much better. The site offers many services like writing an introduction, bibliography page, Copy of Sources, Plagiarism report, etc. All these and many other features are both paid and free. The bottom line is that when clients choose free features, they are offered additional ones depending on the essay format. As a result, the client will pay a little more money but will get a much better result. Writers carefully check the papers for originality and, therefore, rarely make mistakes while writing an essay. Also, company employees are responsible for the correct formatting of the document. If a student indicates that they need a paper written in MLA Style, they will receive just such an essay. The company specialises in various academic subjects and is always ready to help students.


Starting price: $15 per page

This company has been in the writing market for over ten years and has proven itself as a great professional. Here the client can get acquainted with all the company rules on the site’s main page. The client also has access to information about the writers in the company’s team. The user can view the characteristics of writers and the ratings of users who have received essays from these experts. The company values its customers and always helps to solve problems so that customers are satisfied. The company offers a service of free document checks after the client receives the finished material. The client can request unlimited reviewscks and edits before accepting the dead material. This dramatically simplifies the client’s work with this website essay writer because after receiving the papers, the client has the right to ask the writers to change the form so that it meets the requirements for the order as much as possible.


Starting price: $11.50 per page

This service is popular among UK college students—writers who are native speakers of British and American English work here. The service is available to students. Many writers are specialists in specific fields. Here the client can order an academic paper in physics or literature, and the writer will execute his order with the appropriate higher education. Customers speak well of the work of this company since many reviews on the Internet prove the legality and reliability of the service. The site allows customers to register using email. This is all the information the client must provide to place and pay for the order. The site respects clients’ desire to remain anonymous during the essay writing process, so clients don’t even need to provide their real names if they don’t want to.


Starting price: $9.45 per page

This service helps clients write academic essays and offers to proofread and editing services for finished papers. The service also performs an educational function for its students. With the ability to submit your article for proofreading and editing, the student can improve their essay writing skills by learning from their own mistakes. The company also gives customers who order over $50 a free ebook. This book contains tips and practical advice for students on essay writing. With this guide, the student can become a good writer and handle writing assignments independently. The site also has a vast library of free examples of written essays. With the help of ready-made materials, students can learn more about how to write one or another type of academic paper correctly and try to create a masterpiece on their own.

Tips for Choosing the Right Essay Writer Website

Every time a student chooses a website that could help them write an essay, there are a few fundamental things to keep in mind:

The student should initially understand what they need—starting from the volume of the text and the deadline, ending with the specific topic of the academic paper itself. Based on a particular request, the client must select the company that can help him fulfil all the requirements for the task.

The user should have several options for which company to contact. Let the client have a choice and a fallback option if some force majeure happens at the last moment.

Also, the client should be attentive to the reviews of actual users about a particular service. Nothing says better about the company’s work than those who commissioned them to write essays. Careful consideration of the comments will help the client protect himself from scammers and unreliable companies.

Also, if the client is sure that the company is legal but still needs clarification, it is better to entrust the company with a small and cheap order. If the service meets the client’s expectations, you can safely order the writing of a thesis or a scientific dissertation from the company.

Customers who value anonymity during the order should choose sites that support the anonymous payment function. If the site asks the client for too much personal information, most likely, it is engaged in illegal activities.

????Well done, contentExclusively performed material
✔️ Clear pricing policyFair cost of papers
✍️ Wide Subject ChoiceChoice of significant college disciplines
⏰ On-time deliveryMeeting Deadlines
✔️ Friendly supportCompetent customer support service

Making the Most of Your Chosen Essay Writer Website

For the client to get what they expect to receive, it is necessary to use additional life hacks while using the essay writing service.

When specifying the requirements for the order, the client needs to write as much helpful information as possible about how the finished academic paper should look. Do not be shy – the quality of the essay and the client’s satisfaction depend on it.

The client should order an essay in advance. Any essay writer website can not write a 100-page dissertation in two hours.

Also, if the student’s assignment at the university contains specific information that could be clearer to the writer, it is worth writing about it right away. Otherwise, the client risks receiving academic papers that do not correspond to the university assignment.

Some services provide the opportunity to communicate with the writer for free. Clients should accept this opportunity since the student can control the process of writing an essay and make suggestions for the written material.

After the student has received the finished essay, it is worth checking it. Suppose the client thinks that some paragraphs and sentences need editing. In that case, they should immediately write about it to their writer before the deadline for submitting an academic paper in college has yet to end.


Students should pay attention to checking sites for writing essays and turn to professionals for help. Of course, many believe that essay writing services should be affordable, and you can always order an essay for $4 per page. However, essay-writing experts believe it is better to pay a hefty amount once than to pay several times to cheap essay-writing companies to achieve the same result. The companies described in the article are reliable and professional, so they are ready to complete any task for students in the shortest possible time.