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Here, this is the list of the top ten lowest tuition fee universities in Armenia currently that are also ranking among the top best Universities in Armenia.

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Low tuition universities are like goldmine, especially for international students who are coming from coutries where their government hardly supports students with finance or who are not able to win a scholarship.

It is because of this that we have concentrated on informing our readers on cheap universities all over the world, focusing on Armenia here, and also on scholarships available to students to help ease the burden of funding their studies abroad.

Low Tuition Universities in Armenia

  1. Yerevan State University
  2. Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University
  3. American University of Armenia
  4. Yerevan State Medical University
  5. Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences
  6. Armenian State Pedagogical University
  7. Université Française en Arménie
  8. Armenian National Agrarian University
  9. Armenian State University of Economics
  10. National Polytechnic University of Armenia

All this iuniversities are located in the Yerevan city of Armenia and are academically capable in their own capacity.

If you are planning to study in Yemen or maybe Armenia at large, you can start you university search from these ones.

One advice you should take is to be on the constant lookout for scholarships, there are new scholarship opportunities posted on Study Abroad Nations everyday and I urge you gto always look out for them, check them out and apply too. Do not get discouraged if you want to win this race, some of the people currently study abroad on scholarship probably applied for over hundred different scholarship opportunities before getting one so you should not lose hope after applying for just very few opportunities.

Apply fo as much as possible as you can find and as many times as you can and make sure you visit StudyAbroadNations daily to check out new scholarship opportunities.

And hey, keep an eye on low tuition universities too… see ya in Armenia.

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