8 Best Masters in Ireland for International Students

This blog post provides well-detailed information on the best masters in Ireland for international students. This article will be especially helpful to bachelor graduates who want to advance their education in Europe.

While a bachelor’s degree is a satisfactory qualification and can offer you any job, a master’s degree is way more higher and satisfactory to every employer out there in the workforce. Employers may have to think twice before offering a job position to a bachelor’s holder but it isn’t the same with a master’s degree holder.

This is because a master’s degree holder has more in-depth experience, skills, intelligence, and expertise in that particular field than a bachelor graduate, therefore, employers prefer them. Masters students have leadership abilities and their chosen field, whichever it may be, is completely niched down to the career path that they want to follow.

Therefore, this makes them get involved in practical and experiential learning, as well as, fieldwork. As a master’s student, you will be involved in as little theoretical learning as possible, most of the teachings you will be involved in are designed towards providing you with hands-on practical knowledge and experience which you can apply in the real world to solve real-life issues.

If you are aspiring to pursue a master’s degree program in another country aside from yours, that is, as an international student, then you need to put the school and country you’d want to study into consideration. This is because the educational offering of both university and country is ranked by their quality and so is the degree they provide.

For example, countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are on the top list of countries with the world’s best tertiary institutions, and their degrees are globally recognized by HRs anywhere in the world. You may want to consider going to any of these countries to pursue any degree program of your choice but bear in mind that they are really expensive.

However, there are still top countries with some of the world’s best universities whose tuition is much lower and the degree programs they offer are equally recognized by HRs all over the world. It is to this effect that we published this article on the best masters in Ireland for international students.

Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, its lush scenery of grassland and beautiful beaches will bring you close to nature, and its vibrant cities will open you to a diverse range of people from different places. The country is both safe and friendly and has been consistently ranked among the top five safest and friendliest countries in Europe and in the world.

The tertiary institutions in the country aren’t left out either, ranking amongst the top institutions in Europe and on global levels, so, getting quality education in a diverse range of academic programs tailored to your needs is assured. Also, education is really cheap for international students here compared to other top countries like the UK.


What is a Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree is a degree above a bachelor’s degree but below a Ph.D., awarded to a student by a university or four-year college who has completed one or two years of graduate study after having demonstrated mastery or expertise in a particular course or subject. The awarded degree is usually an MSc or MA.

Who can Apply for a Master’s Degree in Ireland

Applying for a master’s degree in Ireland is a matter of choice, if you check out the country, environment, universities academic offering, and standard of living all suit you then you can go ahead and apply. Before applying though, you must have your student visa (unless you are from the EU/EEA countries, you won’t need a visa to enter Ireland) and completed and earned a bachelor’s degree, as well as, meet the other requirements.

Requirements to Apply for a Master’s Degree in Ireland

The following requirements listed below are general ones that you should possess, they usually vary by program of interest and institutions. So, you should contact your host institution to learn more such as the specific test scores for your program.

  • If your native or first language isn’t English, then you must take one of the English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, and other recognized English tests.
  • Must have completed a bachelor degree program related to your field of study
  • Two recommendation letters
  • All academic transcripts
  • Written materials like essays, statement of purpose, and CV or resume

How to Apply for Masters in Ireland for International Students

The application process for applying to masters in Ireland for international students is simple and can be completed in five minutes or less. All you’d be needing are a PC, a stable internet connection, and the documents needed to apply.

For you to apply, you must have chosen a school and the master’s program you want to pursue. Applications are done through the school’s website, look for the application portal for international students and begin your application with the necessary documents.

Average Fees for Masters in Ireland

The average fees for masters in Ireland range from 9,500 EUR to 34,500 EUR.

Benefits of Going for a Master’s Degree in Ireland for Foreign Students

The benefits of masters in Ireland for international students are:

  • Ireland is known for its high-quality education system which it provides equally to international and domestic students.
  • It is the European headquarters of Google which makes it a tech hub
  • They can stay back for two years after their masters which they can use to work
  • The teaching instruction is in English
  • The institutions offer a wide array of courses
  • Many of the universities offer a wide range of scholarships and loans which these international students can use to offset tuition fees
  • The courses are internationally recognized by leading academic bodies which will help you become more employable
  • While studying, you can work part-time for 20 hours a week
  • You get to discover the Irish culture

Best Masters in Ireland for International Students

  • University College Dublin (UCD)
  • University College Cork
  • The University of Limerick
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Dublin City University (DCU)
  • Maynooth University
  • Technological University Dublin

1.      University College Dublin (UCD)

UCD is known to be the “most international university in Ireland” admitting hundreds of new foreign students annually from a diverse range of backgrounds. It is also one of the best universities for masters in Ireland for international students, with a thriving graduate community of students from different countries.

The College offers a wide range of program options for graduate students offering them the opportunity to embark on an education that will ensure they are successful in their future careers. These program options are Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Architecture, Health and Agricultural Sciences, Science, Social Sciences, and Law. Some of these programs offer both full-time and part-time study options.

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2.      University College Cork

UCC offers the best masters in Ireland for international students, offering a wide range of study taught and study research courses which you can study full-time or part-time. The full-time programs can be completed in one or two years while the part-time programs can last from one and a half years to five years.

There are over 200 taught postgraduate courses for you to choose from. The quality of UCC academic programs and research are unrivaled and are designed to make students work-ready.

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3.      The University of Limerick

This is another world-class institution for masters in Ireland for international students offering a diverse range of masters program in aeronautical engineering, mechatronics, software engineering, nutrition and dietetics, mechanical engineering, and more awarding degrees in MA, MSc, and MEng. These degrees are recognized by HR all over the world and getting employment or starting a business is easier for students.

These programs come as research and teaching programs, you get to choose the one that meets your career demand.

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4.      National University of Ireland, Galway

NIU Galway is a top research-intensive university in Ireland founded in 1845 and has since been a citadel of higher learning at offering quality academic and innovative programs. The institution provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs to students from all backgrounds.

This institution should be top of your list if you want to pursue a research-focused program or if you are pursuing a master’s program that requires enormous research.

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5.      Trinity College Dublin

Annually, students from more than 120 countries are enrolled in various programs at Trinity College Dublin, pursuing a bachelor, master’s, or doctorate degree. This makes it a diverse, vibrant learning environment, you get to experience different cultures, and make connections with students from around the world.

Students in the master’s program, receive a world-class education in a research-centered, collaborative environment and have the opportunity to work with global leaders in their field. If you are searching for masters in Ireland for international students, you may want to consider Trinity College Dublin as it provides scholarships and other financial aid opportunities which will go a long way in covering your tuition or living expenses.

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6.      Dublin City University (DCU)

DCU, also known as the Ireland’s University of Enterprise, offers some of the best masters in Ireland for international students. The institution gladly opens its doors to students from all over the globe to pursue and earn degrees in postgraduate and undergraduate programs, foundation programs, and research paths.

DCU has a large number of academics from international backgrounds, so your learning and teaching experience will place you in a truly international and stimulating environment.

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7.      Maynooth University

If you have decided on a career change or to take the next step after your degree, a master’s at Maynooth University offers something more from your postgraduate experience. Students will gain access to leading academics and gain in-depth research knowledge and experience of your chosen subject. There are more than 70 full-time and part-time master’s courses to choose from.

Maynooth University is one of the top institutions for masters in Ireland for international students and they have a variety of funding they offer to students.

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8.      Technological University Dublin

TU Dublin, as it is commonly referred to, offers some of the best masters in Ireland for International students which takes about 1 to 2.5 years to complete. If you go for a taught master’s program, you can complete it in one year of full-time study while a research program is completed in 2 years of full-time study or 2.5 years of part-time.

The master’s program spans a wide range of disciplines including applied arts, humanities, business, science, engineering as well as a diverse range of specialist programs in optometry, horticulture, human nutrition, and tourism marketing.

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These are the 8 best masters in Ireland for international students, these schools are popular for accepting students from anywhere in the world and they aren’t competitive either. You can easily be admitted if you meet the admission requirements for international students as well as other eligibility criteria.

FAQs to Masters in Ireland for International Students

Is Ireland good for international students?

Ireland is a good study place for international students, the people are one of the friendliest in the world, the country is a beautiful place, the Irish culture is an exciting thing to experience, and the universities offer some of the world’s best programs.

How much does it cost to do a master’s in Ireland?

The cost of doing a masters in Ireland ranges between 4,000 to 9,000 EUR

Is Ireland better than Canada for masters?

If the quality of the university and its global rating are important to you, or if you have a skill that is in high demand in Ireland, Canada is the way to go. Canada has universities with substantially higher international rankings than Ireland. However, Ireland universities offer top-quality degrees that are cheaper and also offer after-school opportunities to international students.

How can I get PR in Ireland after my master’s degree study?

If you apply for a 2-year master’s program and are granted a work visa through the two-year PSW program, you can extend your work permit for an additional year and become eligible for permanent residency. If you obtain the key skills employment permit, however, you can apply for PR after just two years.