Mishkah Academy International Arabic Scholarship Program

We’re one of the International Leading Institutes that believes in providing scholarship opportunities for deserving students all over the world at reasonable fees from the comfort of their homes.

This Mishkah Academy International Arabic Full Scholarship program is available to international Arab and Non-Arab Students who want to study Arabic Online, in recognition of their achievement and as an incentive for all those studying Arabic to excel.

The DCAFL (Diploma Certificate in Arabic as a Foreign Language) by ’Mishkah Academy is a Two-Year Full-Time Study Program consisting of 100-Credit Hours. The Program is designed to develop the students’ linguistic competence in Arabic in all 4 Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Upon completion of the program requirements, students receive a Diploma Certificate in Arabic as a Foreign Language (DCAFL) and Outstanding Students have the opportunity to UPGRADE their scholarship and continue studying many other subjects relating to Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies.

If you’re looking to continue your studies while saving money and enjoying some amazing opportunities, then this is your ideal destination. The opportunity is open throughout the year and all applications are submitted via the Academy’s Online Application Portal. Be sure to contact Academy Support for more information.

What are you waiting for! Start Your Online Learning Journey Now and join Thousands of Students who love learning Arabic from the comfort of their homes with 100% Satisfaction at Mishkah Academy!