MIT Media Lab’s Program in Media Arts & Sciences

This is a fully-funded graduate degree for Media Arts and Sciences, and this fully funded offer includes your tuition, your medical insurance, and your stipend, which means they will also be paying you a little fixed amount as a student.

Here are some requirements to enroll in this degree

  • You need to submit all your application materials, which include your 3 recommendation letters and necessary portfolios electronically, through their online application system.
  • You need to submit a statement of objectives.
  • An official transcript from previous accredited colleges you attended.

[sc_fs_course html=”true” title=”MIT Media Lab’s Program in Media Arts & Sciences” title_tag=”h3″ provider_name=”MIT Media” provider_same_as=”” css_class=”” ] These is a community of inventors, designers, and researchers that are ready to disrupt the way people does their things. There are 400 projects that go on in the lab, and the program accepts approximately 50 master’s and Ph.D. candidates. [/sc_fs_course]